2019-01-31  Sergey RychkaUpdate snmp.php 251/head
2019-01-31  Sergey RychkaUpdate dictionary.php
2019-01-23  Vasilii Shashkovfunction ios15ShortenIfName_real added to handle port... 247/head
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.42.2 to 5.43.0
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkoremove more trailing spaces
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkoios15ReadLLDPStatus(): add a break for consistency
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkofixup more code style
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkofixup some code style
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: say add/update in the default message
2019-01-21  igloo777Update regexp in func hpprocurveN1178Read8021QConfig...
2019-01-20  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2019-01-20  Sergey Rychkaadd SNMP support for HP switches (GH #243)
2019-01-19  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: clarify the usage for -a and -d
2019-01-19  Vasilii Shashkovfixed typo for breed io15 in function queryTerminal
2019-01-14  Denis Ovsienkotests: fixup the previous commit
2019-01-14  Denis Ovsienkotests: make the express test sequence safer
2019-01-13  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: try to clean up on a commit failure
2019-01-13  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: factor print_error() out
2019-01-13  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add a check for FILEPATH
2019-01-13  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add support for -M (replace|append)
2019-01-13  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: fixup the help text for -u
2019-01-10  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: print the usage text on -h only
2019-01-10  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: fixup issues from previous commits
2019-01-10  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.41.0 to 5.42.2
2019-01-08  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add an early check for -o
2019-01-08  Denis Ovsienkospell the product number for HP 1810G-24
2019-01-08  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add -v for git verbosity level
2019-01-08  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add an error check for mkdir
2019-01-06  Christoph Gothsnmp: add support for a variant of HP JE006A (Mantis...
2019-01-05  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add -h for "help"
2019-01-05  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: add more error checks
2019-01-05  Denis Ovsienkospell the product number for HP 1910-24G
2019-01-03  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: implement -d for git commit --date
2019-01-03  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: make the actions more fine-grained
2019-01-03  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: move the code into smaller functions
2019-01-03  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2019-01-02  rychkaUpdate snmp.php
2019-01-02  rychkaUpdate dictionary.php
2019-01-01  Denis OvsienkocallScript(): fixup an error message
2019-01-01  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: quote $SUDOUSER too
2019-01-01  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: support custom author for the commit
2019-01-01  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: switch to getopts
2019-01-01  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: prepend all messages with own filename
2018-12-19  Denis Ovsienkogateways/git-commit: handle new files better
2018-12-17  Denis Ovsienkodisplay file comment in the SELECT (Mantis#1419)
2018-12-17  Denis Ovsienkosimplify getFilesOfEntity()
2018-12-17  Denis Ovsienkosqueeze some blank lines
2018-12-13  Denis Ovsienkosyncdomain.php: just use basename()
2018-12-11  Denis Ovsienkofixup indentation in snmp.php
2018-12-05  Denis Ovsienkorefine platform tests further
2018-12-05  Denis Ovsienkoplatform_is_ok(): add a non-critical test for cURL
2018-12-04  Denis Ovsienkosimplify renderObjectHistory()
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkoadd basic integrity checks for config variables
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkomake the configuration defaults data shareable
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkotests: update RenderReportsTest
2018-11-30  Denis OvsienkorenderTableViewer(): quote the TD class value
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkomake RE_L2_SOLID uppercase-only
2018-11-30  rychkaUpdate dictionary.php
2018-11-30  rychkaUpdate snmp.php
2018-11-28  Denis OvsienkorenderObject(): align some TDs in the NATv4 tables
2018-11-28  Denis Ovsienkoeliminate a global variable
2018-11-28  Denis Ovsienkorename getObjectClass() to getCellClass()
2018-11-28  Denis Ovsienkofix colour handling in user account search results
2018-11-26  Denis Ovsienkoreplace includeJQueryUI() with 2 nullary functions
2018-11-26  Denis Ovsienkospell PHP FALSE in upppercase
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkodeprecate escapeString()
2018-11-19  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2018-11-19  netniVenable CSS and JavaScript from external URLs
2018-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: default to PHPUnit versions 6 and 7
2018-11-16  Denis Ovsienkorename VIRTUAL_OBJ_LISTSRC to VIRTUAL_OBJ_CSV
2018-11-16  Denis Ovsienkoimprove the object NATv4 tab trigger
2018-11-14  Denis Ovsienkoreplace remaining niftyString() occurrences
2018-11-13  Denis Ovsienkofix allObjectLogs() after the previous commit
2018-11-13  Denis Ovsienkofix object log TD escaping after commit 274f160
2018-11-12  Denis Ovsienkotests: use myString() and myStringStatic() more
2018-11-12  Denis Ovsienkotests: skip symlinks in tests/
2018-11-12  Denis Ovsienkotests: check init.php for syntax errors
2018-11-12  Denis Ovsienkodrop support for $localreports
2018-11-12  Denis Ovsienkoadd and use RTTestCase::myStringStatic()
2018-11-12  Denis OvsienkorenderTagStats(): remove an unused global
2018-11-11  Denis Ovsienkofixup some language in the installer messages
2018-11-09  Denis Ovsienkogateways/git-commit: accept a full commit message
2018-11-09  Denis OvsienkorenderServerConfigurationReport(): handle InnoDB failur...
2018-11-09  Denis Ovsienkofixup some whitespace in the PHP code
2018-11-08  Denis OvsienkorenderRackSpaceForObject(): improve page layout a bit
2018-11-08  Denis Ovsienkoreorganize the reports a little
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkofixup a message code in updateUI()
2018-11-07  Denis OvsienkoisConfigVarChanged(): use intval() too
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkoshow colours on the cell background too
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkorefine renderCellList()
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkoremove more unused globals
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkofix some HTML syntax in getColorSelect()
2018-11-07  Denis Ovsienkoupdate a comment
2018-11-06  Denis Ovsienkoput some tag colour CSS processing right
2018-11-03  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.40.2 to 5.41.0
2018-11-02  Denis Ovsienkoshow object names in allocated units (Mantis#1711)
2018-11-02  Denis Ovsienkorefine other rackspace checkboxes JavaScript props
2018-11-02  Denis OvsienkorenderRackSpaceForObject(): wrap LABEL around INPUT
2018-11-02  Denis Ovsienkoimprove the rackspace atoms bulk selector
2018-11-02  Denis Ovsienkomake the "Uncheck all" button rack-specific