2016-12-06  Denis OvsienkoshowPathAndSearch(): put HTML escaping right
2016-11-24  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP sync support for Huawei CE5850-HI
2016-11-23  Denis Ovsienkofixup zebra table markup after commit e2b4528
2016-11-23  Denis Ovsienkofix database authentication after commit 07a10e0
2016-11-22  Alexey AndriyanovgetVlanRow: fix NotFound error handling
2016-11-05  Denis Ovsienkorestore LDAP cache cleanup as a CLI script
2016-11-02  Garry ShternFixed a bug introduced in 489f843c2abdf5592cdfac8ecfc43...
2016-11-02  Alexey Andriyanovdisable cleaning up expired LDAP cache rows
2016-10-31  Alexey AndriyanovvrpReadLLDPStatus: support VRP V200R008+ (part2)
2016-10-31  Alexey AndriyanovvrpReadLLDPStatus: support VRP V200R008+
2016-10-30  Joe Passavantiadding processors and switch for Ubiquiti 184/head
2016-10-30  Joe Passavantiadding Ubiquiti ES-48 Switch to dictionary
2016-10-28  Denis Ovsienkoeliminate a few more wildcard SELECTs
2016-10-28  Denis Ovsienkoadd a missing BR to renderChapterEditor()
2016-10-27  Denis Ovsienkofix a PHP warning in renderNewVSForm()
2016-10-25  Denis Ovsienkomodify more functions not to assume default values
2016-10-21  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #183 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-10-21  Vladimir Sukhonosovfix nxos4 vlanif interface parsing 183/head
2016-10-21  Vladimir Sukhonosovfix config save prompt on force10 switches
2016-10-19  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #182 from shazaum/maintenance-0...
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd more item: Xenserver versions and HP Storage 182/head
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd version FreeBSD 11.X
2016-10-19  Denis Ovsienkomanage some empty lines
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd new version OpenBSD and add new hw hp proliant 181/head
2016-10-18  Denis Ovsienkofixup a message in travis_setup_mysql.sh
2016-10-18  Denis OvsienkorenderCell(): add a mouse hint for files (#1663)
2016-10-18  Denis OvsienkoreplaceFile(): use the correct message code
2016-10-18  Denis Ovsienkorefine renderDataIntegrityReport()
2016-10-18  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: the folding did not work, use a script
2016-10-17  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: fold before_script up
2016-10-17  Denis Ovsienkorefine renderDataIntegrityReport()
2016-10-15  Alexey Andriyanovnew Huawei dict items
2016-10-15  Alexey AndriyanovpatchectiRequest: proper indents
2016-10-11  Denis Ovsienkofixup HTML in renderPortsInfo()
2016-09-07  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #178 from edsonlara/maintenance...
2016-09-07  EdsonBetter regexp code in proxyCactiRequest 178/head
2016-09-07  EdsonReplaced substr with regexp in proxyCactiRequest
2016-09-06  EdsonCSRF support for 0.8.8h cacti images
2016-09-06  Denis OvsienkorenderTableViewer(): support more customization
2016-08-29  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #176 from github138/portnameautocompl
2016-08-29  github138move code into printNewItemTR () 176/head
2016-08-26  github138add OS interface autocomplete to renderIPAddressAllocat...
2016-08-26  github138 add jquery ui autocomplete to object ip tab ( Alloc...
2016-08-05  Denis OvsienkorenderTableViewer(): produce THEAD and TBODY
2016-07-29  Denis OvsienkogetUpgradeBatch(): spell lastInsertID consistently
2016-07-28  Denis Ovsienkomake lettercase consistent for PDO::rollBack()
2016-07-22  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: use of udefined variable
2016-07-19  Denis Ovsienkoadd IN() SQL keyword support
2016-07-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: refine ObjectPortTest
2016-07-15  Denis Ovsienkosimplify RackTablesError::formatString()
2016-07-15  Denis Ovsienkofix code style up in exceptions.php
2016-07-14  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover user account functions
2016-07-14  Denis Ovsienkotests: use assertNull() where it fits
2016-07-13  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover getRowInfo()
2016-07-13  Denis Ovsienkotests: do all rackspace functions in one test
2016-07-12  github138fix PDO Exception for mysql 5.7 171/head
2016-07-07  Denis OvsienkoformatRealmName(): add two missing realms
2016-07-07  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover more config var functions
2016-07-07  Denis Ovsienkofixup a few configuration variable functions
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: refresh Solaris set of rows
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkotests: fix a typo in README.md
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover setConfigVar() and getConfigVar()
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkotests: use count() in GetRowsCountTest
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkotests: have "Test" at the end of each class name
2016-07-05  Denis Ovsienkorectify getConfigVar()
2016-07-05  Denis Ovsienkorackcode.js: "define" is a RackCode keyword too
2016-07-05  Denis Ovsienkoapply RackTables-specific changes to CodeMirror
2016-07-05  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 3.22 to 3.24
2016-07-05  Denis Ovsienkorevert to pristine CodeMirror-3.22
2016-07-04  Denis Ovsienkorevert some changes from commit 6edc799 (GH #159)
2016-07-04  Denis Ovsienkoadd 1000Base-BX40 and 1000Base-BX80 (Mantis #1645)
2016-07-01  Denis Ovsienkoget_pseudo_file(): fix row order in Attribute
2016-06-30  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #170 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-06-30  Vladimir SukhonosovAdd SNMP support for Catalyst 2960S-48TS-L 170/head
2016-06-30  Denis Ovsienkosimplify renderPatchCableHeapSummary()
2016-06-30  Denis OvsienkoupdateTag(): do not override argument name
2016-06-29  Denis Ovsienkomove a variable assignment out of foreach()
2016-06-28  github138add jquery ui autocomplete to port link dialog filter... 168/head
2016-06-26  Denis OvsienkoresetUIConfig(): add a comment
2016-06-26  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add recent Ubuntu Linux releases
2016-06-26  Denis Ovsienkoremove a couple no-op assignments
2016-06-26  Denis Ovsienkoeliminate a few hard-coded image URIs
2016-06-24  Denis Ovsienkorefine commitUpdateAttrValue()
2016-06-24  Denis OvsienkogetAttrValues(): rearrange variables for clarity
2016-06-24  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover some attributes functions
2016-06-24  Denis Ovsienkodeprecate array_sub()
2016-06-23  Denis OvsienkoloadEntityTags(): do not specify default values
2016-06-23  Denis Ovsienkoremove a stale comment
2016-06-22  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover groupBy()
2016-06-22  Denis OvsienkogroupBy(): add argument type checks
2016-06-20  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover reduceSubarraysToColumn()
2016-06-20  Denis OvsienkoreduceSubarraysToColumn(): add an arg. type check
2016-06-17  github138init inplace edit spans only once 166/head
2016-06-17  Denis OvsienkoreindexById(): remove a no-op test condition
2016-06-17  Denis Ovsienkotests: cover reindexById()
2016-06-17  Denis OvsienkoreindexById(): add an argument type check
2016-06-15  Denis OvsienkomkA(): clarify error messages
2016-06-14  Denis Ovsienkowork around MySQL 5.7 SQL mode (#1547, #1635)
2016-06-14  Denis Ovsienkoremove a misleading ChangeLog entry
2016-06-14  Denis Ovsienkodecrease direct use of $_REQUEST and $sic, pt. 19