2021-09-27  Sergey RychkaUpdate snmp.php
2021-09-24  xdw15cadd two 48p mikrotik switches 276/head
2021-07-28  Denis OvsienkoREADME.md: remove a few old Linux versions [skip ci]
2021-07-21  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: address all remaining shellcheck warnings...
2021-07-18  Denis OvsienkoqueryTerminal(): use working defaults for "ios15" ...
2021-07-13  Denis Ovsienkotests: address all remaining shellcheck warnings
2021-07-13  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: use the latest release of PHPUnit 8.5.x
2021-07-13  Denis Ovsienkofix more cases of "ROW is a keyword in MySQL 8"
2021-07-13  Denis Ovsienkoios15ShortenIfName_real() was broken, replace it
2021-07-09  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: address a shellcheck warning [skip ci]
2021-06-24  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add more recent OS releases [skip ci]
2021-06-17  Christian Naujoksdictionary: add more recent OS releases 275/head
2021-05-07  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.59.2 to 5.61.0
2021-05-07  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add more recent OS releases
2021-04-30  Denis Ovsienkolose the README symlink
2021-04-06  Denis Ovsienkoevaluate {$op_deleteObject} in the right context
2021-02-14  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add recent NetBSD releases
2021-02-12  Denis OvsienkoCI: Switch from Travis to Cirrus.
2021-02-01  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: use a random MySQL password
2021-02-01  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: dismiss SKIP_PHPUNIT
2021-02-01  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: refine some YAML
2021-02-01  Denis Ovsienkotests: simplify express.sh
2021-02-01  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: refine PHPUnit downloading
2021-02-01  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.58.3 to 5.59.2 [skip ci]
2021-01-21  Denis Ovsienkodisplay log records consistently
2021-01-10  Denis OvsienkorenderEditAttributeTRs(): escape string values
2021-01-01  Denis Ovsienkoupdate COPYING for 2021 [skip ci]
2020-11-25  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.58.1 to 5.58.3 [skip ci]
2020-11-25  Denis Ovsienkospell lastInsertID() (once again) [skip ci]
2020-11-22  Denis Ovsienkolose a newline
2020-10-09  Denis Ovsienkofix some spelling [skip ci]
2020-10-09  Denis Ovsienkogateways: use "#!/usr/bin/env perl"
2020-10-06  Denis Ovsienkoforward-port more props of 0.21.5 [skip ci]
2020-10-05  Denis Ovsienkocopy the 0.21.5 ChangeLog section [skip ci]
2020-10-05  Denis Ovsienkolose some trailing space in README.md
2020-10-05  Denis Ovsienkoallow to customize tag palette (Mantis #1991)
2020-10-05  Denis OvsienkogetColorSelect(): fix code style
2020-10-05  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.54.0 to 5.58.1
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: add two more Netgear switches (Mantis#1983)
2020-08-31  Denis Ovsienkosnmp.php: fix some indentation issues
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkodoSwitchSNMPmining(): fixup some pattern matching
2020-08-29  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: update some Netgear code
2020-08-29  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a few more Netgear switches
2020-08-27  Denis Ovsienkotests: address most shellcheck warnings in *.sh
2020-08-27  Denis Ovsienkotests: factor a function out in express_pre.sh
2020-08-25  Denis Ovsienkogit-commit: address some shellcheck warnings
2020-08-12  Denis OvsienkorenderAttributes(): also display attribute ID
2020-08-12  Denis OvsienkorenderAttributes(): switch to renderTableViewer()
2020-07-16  desmandoadd RHEL 7 to README.md (GH#266)
2020-05-27  Denis Ovsienkofixup the RackTables web-site URL
2020-05-24  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.53.2 to 5.54.0
2020-05-24  lenorcyAdd SNMP support for HPE 5130 (JG937A) and A5120 (JG237A) 263/head
2020-05-21  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add recent Fedora and Ubuntu releases
2020-05-11  Denis Ovsienkoupdate some installation notes
2020-05-11  Denis Ovsienkomake release notes consistent after commit ccb8905
2020-05-11  Denis Ovsienkoadd PHPUnit results cache to .gitignore
2020-04-30  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.49.2 to 5.53.2
2020-04-30  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: use the latest PHPUnit 7 for PHP 7.1
2020-01-04  Denis Ovsienkoupdate COPYING for 2020
2019-12-19  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: add a job for PHP 7.4
2019-11-26  Denis Ovsienkotests: do not assume PHP CLI is always installed
2019-11-25  Denis Ovsienkoswitch some documentation URLs to HTTPS
2019-11-24  Denis Ovsienkoallow PHP 7.0 as an untested version
2019-11-20  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: use default PHPUnit (8) for PHP 7.[23]
2019-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: list PHPUnit 8 as a known version
2019-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: rewrite a test without assertArraySubset()
2019-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: use an assertion, not @expectedException
2019-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: declare setup/teardown methods void
2019-11-19  Denis Ovsienkotests: refine PHPUnit presence checks
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkodrop support for PHP 5.x and 7.0
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkoadd the usual sections for the next release
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkolet mktemp choose the temporary directory
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkodrop the props for PHPUnit 4 and 5
2019-11-17  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: use Ubuntu 18.04 and PHP 7.[123]
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienko0.21.4: cut the release RackTables-0.21.4
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a few recent Linux releases
2019-11-17  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: specify Ubuntu 16.04 explicitly
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.49.0 to 5.49.2
2019-11-04  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: bump PHPUnit 7 version up
2019-10-15  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.48.2 to 5.49.0
2019-09-15  Denis Ovsienkoclarify the previous commit
2019-09-15  Denis OvsienkoAdd snmp syncing support for Arista DCS-7050SX-64 ...
2019-09-15  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: fix the build after Ubuntu upgrade
2019-09-06  Lance AlbertsonAdd snmp syncing support for Arista DCS-7050SX-64 264/head
2019-08-21  Denis Ovsienkouse vertical writing mode in the 802.1Q report
2019-08-04  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.46.0 to 5.48.2
2019-06-19  Arkadi Colsonamend SQL to work on MySQL 8 (Mantis#1909)
2019-06-19  Denis Ovsienkoadd sections for 0.21.4
2019-06-13  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: update custom PHPUnit from 7.5.7 to .12
2019-06-12  Denis Ovsienko0.21.3: cut the release RackTables-0.21.3
2019-06-12  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add recent Fedora versions
2019-06-11  Denis Ovsienkofix an XSS issue in an error message
2019-05-21  MichaelTiernanQuick fix of formatting. 258/head
2019-05-10  Denis Ovsienkofix hook integration in Cacti and Munin pligins
2019-05-04  Denis Ovsienkoauthorize8021QChangeRequests(): amend PHP array syntax
2019-04-26  Denis Ovsienkoadd a log entry limit to the object page (Mantis#769)
2019-04-24  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 5.45.0 to 5.46.0
2019-04-16  Denis Ovsienkoadd sections for 0.21.3
2019-04-16  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: update OpenWrt entries
2019-04-01  Denis OvsienkoupdateObjectAllocation(): fix two PHP messages