2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3315 redirectIfNecessary(): also handle tab triggering...
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3314 repeat Tyler's patch for trunk
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3313 commitUpdateVLANDescription(): replace empty...
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3312 prepareNavigation(): make it actually work
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3311 justified 802.1Q tab triggers logic
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3310 renderObjectVLANSync(): added some improvements...
2010-03-02  Denis Ovsienkor3309 getObjectVLANDomainID(): dismissed
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3308 added another Tango icon
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3307 iosPickSwitchportCommand(): remove extra array...
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3306 small fixes, making room for VLAN sync code
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3305 gwRetrieveDeviceConfig(): initial implementation...
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3303 deviceconfig: initial cleanup round
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3302 deviceconfig: new gateway, clone from 'switchvlans'
2010-03-01  Denis Ovsienkor3301 doIOSLexicalScan(): dismiss
2010-02-28  Denis Ovsienkor3300 doIOSLexicalScan(): initial implementation
2010-02-28  Denis Ovsienkor3299 renderObjectVLANPorts(): rewrite with a new layout
2010-02-27  Denis Ovsienkor3298 VLANSwitch: added mutex_rev column
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3297 getVLANConfiguredPorts(): new function
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3296 renderPortNativeVLAN(): display buttons in a...
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3295 trying a brighter version
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3294 added grayscale version of 32x32 "save" icon
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3293 Justified naming of existing 'save' icon files.
2010-02-26  Denis Ovsienkor3292 renderObjectVLANPorts(): justify alignment
2010-02-25  Denis Ovsienkor3291 buildRedirectURL(): accept one more arg to pass...
2010-02-25  Denis Ovsienkor3290 assertUIntArg(): removed excess quotes
2010-02-25  Denis Ovsienkor3289 serializeVLANPack(): fix spelling, make default...
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3288 formatVLANName(): new function
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3287 niftyString(): treat "maxlen" arg value 0 as...
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3286 added missing items into $max_dict_key
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3285 added SNMP rules for Brocade FGS648P and FGS648P-POE
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3284 doSwitchSNMPmining(): produce a warning message...
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3283 added VLANValidID default values
2010-02-18  Denis Ovsienkor3280 VLAN_LISTSRC evolved into VLANSWITCH_LISTSRC...
2010-02-18  Denis Ovsienkor3279 renderIPv4Network(): save on a function call...
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3278 pull the last maintenance commit into trunk
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3276 fixed column default value in Config table
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3271 fix 0.17.9 upgrade batch and start 0.18.0 one
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3270 removed more dead code
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3269 sync changelog records
2010-02-16  Denis Ovsienkor3268 another portion of work on VLANs
2010-02-16  Denis Ovsienkor3267 comment getFaviconURL() out once more
2010-02-16  Denis Ovsienkor3266 removed obsolete __FUNCTION__ from assertions
2010-02-16  Denis Ovsienkor3265 make IPv4Network table InnoDB
2010-02-16  Denis Ovsienkor3264 another attemp on the schema
2010-02-15  Denis Ovsienkor3263 another schema update
2010-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor3261 Moved around CREATE TABLE declarations to abide...
2010-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor3260 fix array index
2010-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor3259 renderIndex(): add link to the new page
2010-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor3258 another image file for VLAN management page
2010-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor3257 toss upgrading code around to make upgrader scrip...
2010-02-11  Denis Ovsienkor3256 initial checkin of VLAN management work
2010-02-11  Denis Ovsienkor3254 Adding a small version of "attach" image.
2010-02-10  Denis Yeldandir3253 Fixed isConfigVarChanged()
2010-02-10  Denis Ovsienkor3252 removed dead code
2010-02-10  Denis Ovsienkor3251 removed empty lines
2010-01-29  Denis Ovsienkor3250 push changesets for tickets 252 and 303 into...
2010-01-28  Denis Ovsienkor3247 push fix for ticket:247 into trunk
2010-01-28  Denis Ovsienkor3246 push last SNMP changes into trunk
2010-01-28  Denis Ovsienkor3245 push fix for ticket:307 into trunk
2010-01-27  Denis Ovsienkor3240 push bugfix for 308 into trunk (and some odd...
2010-01-13  Denis Ovsienkor3234 fixed message table for doSwitchSNMPmining()
2009-12-25  Denis Ovsienkor3231 - updated URLs
2009-12-25  Denis Ovsienkor3230 - 0.17.8: pre-release adjustments
2009-12-23  Denis Ovsienkor3229 - permitted(): also push bugfix into trunk
2009-12-20  Denis Ovsienkor3227 - minor layout adjustments in installer
2009-12-17  Denis Ovsienkor3224 - move SVG files to contribs
2009-12-16  Denis Ovsienkor3222 - include charset options for MySQL
2009-12-12  Denis Ovsienkor3220 - drop valid_realm column, ticket:194 is not...
2009-12-12  Denis Ovsienkor3219 - merge ticket:296 changeset:3218 into trunk
2009-12-07  Denis Ovsienkor3215 - renderVLANMembership(): fix a couple of bugs
2009-12-07  Denis Ovsienkor3214 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:3212
2009-12-07  Denis Ovsienkor3213 - renderVLANMembership(): pre-authorize and...
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3209 After a long discussion with Pilot, changed versi...
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3208 Changed CODE_VERSION back to 0.17.7
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3207 Removed unnecessary debug statement
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3206 Changelog updated
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3205 Added per-user UI preferences. Ticket #29
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3203 bugfix for a broken process.php
2009-12-01  Denis Yeldandir3201 Changelog updated
2009-11-29  Denis Ovsienkor3197 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:3193
2009-11-29  Denis Ovsienkor3196 - peekNode(): also fix in trunk
2009-11-28  Denis Ovsienkor3194 - repeat bugfix for ticket:300 in trunk
2009-11-10  Denis Yeldandir3190 Tab redirection moved to index.php
2009-11-10  Denis Yeldandir3189 Redirect from a tab if it is disabled by a trigge...
2009-11-09  Denis Ovsienkor3186 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 3182...
2009-11-05  Denis Yeldandir3181 Got rid of showError()
2009-10-31  Denis Ovsienkor3179 - reloadDictionary() call is necessary for 0...
2009-10-31  Denis Ovsienkor3178 - justify bits for 0.17.6
2009-10-31  Denis Ovsienkor3177 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:3137
2009-10-29  Denis Yeldandir3176 Adding svg logo
2009-10-20  Denis Yeldandir3175 Returning multistring ACK in ajax
2009-10-19  Denis Yeldandir3171 Deleted showError in case of failed inserts and...
2009-10-19  Denis Yeldandir3170 useSelectBlade doesn't have caller argument no...
2009-10-19  Denis Yeldandir3169 DB exceptions
2009-10-18  Jonathan Thurmanr3168 Added missing comma in init-dictbase.sql that...
2009-10-12  Denis Ovsienkor3156 - generateEntityAutoTags(): add {$no_asset_tag...
2009-10-11  Denis Ovsienkor3155 - don't display IPv4 address comment as a header...
2009-10-05  Denis Ovsienkor3154 - maintenance->trunk sync of changsets 3147...
2009-10-05  Denis Ovsienkor3153 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:3136
2009-10-01  Denis Ovsienkor3146 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 3143...