2013-12-10  Alexey Andriyanovsyncdomain: don't do dummy SQL UPDATE's
2013-12-10  Aaron Dummerrestore the FileLink table
2013-12-09  Aaron DummercompareDecomposedPortNames: fix numCompare call
2013-12-09  Denis Ovsienkofactor some sign/comparison code out
2013-12-09  Denis Ovsienkofix two more ternary conditionals in functions.php
2013-12-08  Denis Ovsienkofixup "if" condition in pokeNode()
2013-12-08  Denis Ovsienkoaddress assorted style issues in functions.php
2013-12-08  Denis Ovsienkorefine use of "return" in functions.php
2013-12-06  Denis Ovsienkofix two ternary expressions taken wrong
2013-12-06  Denis Ovsienkodon't use "anchor" CSS class, which doesn't exist
2013-12-06  Denis Ovsienkorefine some wording
2013-12-06  Alexey Andriyanovswitch from getDomainVLANs to getDomainVLANList
2013-12-06  Denis Ovsienkorefine use of "return" in database.php
2013-12-05  Alexey AndriyanovgetFilesOfEntity: fix of SQL I've broken in 48ddf3
2013-12-05  Denis Ovsienkoimplement a datetime format hint (#1051)
2013-12-05  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: contains: [Unnamed invalid] for files
2013-12-05  Denis Ovsienkoreplace string_insert_hrefs() again (#1103)
2013-12-04  Alexey AndriyanovmkCellA: revert incorrect change to user_id key
2013-12-04  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: invalid assumptions about related type
2013-12-04  Denis Ovsienkofinalize the previous commit
2013-12-04  Matthew Castanienadd OEM S/N 1 to Expirations report
2013-12-04  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: IP tree expansion button was broken
2013-12-04  Denis Ovsienkoapply RackTables-specific changes to CodeMirror
2013-12-04  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 3.12 to 3.20
2013-12-04  Denis Ovsienkorevert to pristine CodeMirror-3.12
2013-12-04  Denis Ovsienkofix some punctuation
2013-12-03  Aaron DummerrenderNewVSForm: resolve PHP 'strict standards' warning
2013-12-02  Alexey Andriyanovclean-up the 'FileLink -> EntityLink change'
2013-12-02  Aaron DummerreleaseFiles: restore for compatibility purposes, inclu...
2013-12-01  Aaron DummerrenderDataIntegrityReport: initial version
2013-11-30  Rainer Stumbaumadd SNMP support for 3Com 4200G 48-port (#1093)
2013-11-30  Rainer Stumbaumadd SNMP support for 5500G-EI 48-port (#1095)
2013-11-30  Aaron Dummerminor code formatting tweaks
2013-11-30  adoom42Merge pull request #48 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-30  Aaron Dummerdrop the FileLink table, use EntityLink instead
2013-11-29  Aaron Dummeralter IPV4OBJ_LISTSRC to apply to all object types...
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanov0.20.6: cut the release RackTables-0.20.6
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanovdont return showError* result from ophandlers
2013-11-29  Alexey AndriyanovhandlePopupPortLink: fix broken link in succss msg
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanovport type could be changed even if port is linked
2013-11-29  Alexey AndriyanovfixContext: remove non-existant global '$page'
2013-11-26  Rafael DriuttiAdded snmp sync support for 3com 4510G-24, cisco SF302... 48/head
2013-11-26  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: port submit form was broken
2013-11-26  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add more Ethernet switches
2013-11-26  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add some Ethernet switches
2013-11-25  Alexey Andriyanovspeed-up the getAllVLANOptions func
2013-11-25  Alexey Andriyanovcell filter pages rendering speed-up
2013-11-24  Aaron DummerrenderDepot: display all containers and mount points...
2013-11-22  Aaron Dummerminor code formatting tweaks
2013-11-22  adoom42Merge pull request #43 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-21  Rafael DriuttiAdd support for snmp sync on 3Com 4500 switches. 43/head
2013-11-21  Denis Ovsienkoremove unused config variable PORTS_PER_ROW
2013-11-19  Alexey AndriyanovAPI: cache compiled rackcode expressions
2013-11-18  Aaron Dummercosmetic formatting updates
2013-11-18  adoom42Merge pull request #45 from MWilkinson/SNMP_1063
2013-11-18  Denis Ovsienkofixup the next release version (0.21.0 -> 0.20.6)
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert "add support for one-to-many port links, and...
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert 2 commits specific to patch panels
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert "- rebase against master branch"
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert 9 commits specific to patch panels
2013-11-18  MWilkinsonSupport for Cisco 2960-8TC-L (#1063) 45/head
2013-11-17  Aaron DummerspotEntity: respect $ignore_cache parameter
2013-11-16  Aaron DummergenerateEntityAutoTags: remove the 'unmounted' autotag...
2013-11-16  Aaron DummerrenderAddMultipleObjectsForm: merge physical and virtua...
2013-11-16  Aaron DummerfetchPortList: to maintain compatibility with 802.1Q...
2013-11-14  Alexey AndriyanovfetchPortList: fix condition broken by prev commit
2013-11-14  Alexey AndriyanovfetchPortList: do not place L2 links before L1
2013-11-13  MWilkinsonprintObjectDetailsForRenderRack: blade objects with...
2013-11-11  Alexey Andriyanovcss bugfix: removed invalid list-type li style
2013-11-10  Aaron DummerfindSparePorts: include ports of zero-U objects (#917)
2013-11-10  Aaron DummergetStickerSearchResults: change query execution order...
2013-11-10  Aaron DummerrenderLocationSelectTree: fix strict standards violatio...
2013-11-08  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #42 from MWilkinson/SNMP_1055_v2
2013-11-08  Denis Ovsienkoremove 0.16.x and 0.17.x handling code
2013-11-08  Denis Ovsienkorefine README and recent release notes
2013-11-07  MWilkinsonChanges to table_processors array for TurboIron based... 42/head
2013-11-06  MWilkinsonSNMP sync for Brocade TurboIron 24X
2013-11-06  Ray RobertsonUpdate dictionary.php 41/head
2013-11-06  Denis Ovsienkoadd missing LABEL to renderIPNewNetForm()
2013-11-06  Alexey AndriyanovDB deadlocks fixed in LDAP authentication
2013-11-01  Alexey Andriyanovdon't use SORT_NATURAL: supported since PHP 5.4
2013-11-01  Alexey Andriyanovajax edit: support any param name
2013-10-30  Alexey AndriyanovrenderSearchResults: fix exception
2013-10-30  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: added SLB foreign key referencing Object
2013-10-28  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS (#1049)
2013-10-21  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: list a MikroTik switch
2013-10-21  Alexey AndriyanovHuawei CE5810 dictionary items
2013-10-21  Aleksandr Balezinfix neighbor parsing on vrp 5.13
2013-10-21  Christian Harendtfixed PHP-notice of undefinend variable
2013-10-20  Aaron Dummerupgrade.php: ensure portb > porta in the Link table...
2013-10-18  Alexey Andriyanovport type can now be changed even if port is linked...
2013-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoremote: fix IOS CLI prompt detection (#1033)
2013-10-17  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: list recent Fedora releases
2013-10-17  Alexey AndriyanovLLDP support on Nexus 6000
2013-10-17  Alexey AndriyanovNexus 6000 series dictionary items
2013-10-17  Alexey Andriyanovios12ReadMacList: ignore port named 'Drop'
2013-10-17  Alexey Andriyanovvrp85Read8021QConfig: fix vlan list parsing
2013-10-17  Alexey Andriyanovchangelog lines for Aleksandr Balezin's fixes
2013-10-17  Aleksandr Balezinfix http status in printStatic404()
2013-10-17  Aleksandr Balezinupdate RE_STATIC_URI regex