Cleanup in files that is not php
[racktables] / scripts / init-sample-racks.sql
2012-10-22  Michael HolmCleanup in files that is not php
2012-10-04  Alexey Andriyanovchanged the order of inserts in favour of foreign keys
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanovadded sample data for some features
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanovturn SLB demo data into binary format
2012-07-28  Aaron DummerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-28  Aaron Dummerability to manually sort racks (#370)
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradded comment field to IPv[4|6]Address tables (#555)
2012-06-03  Aaron Dummerr5094 Add support for locations. Upgrading from 0...
2012-01-11  Denis Ovsienkor4899 add missing values for AttributeValue.object_tid...
2011-12-30  Aaron Dummerr4868 fix IPv4RS sample data
2011-06-12  Aaron Dummerr4560 change rack and row data to use 'label' instead...
2011-06-08  Denis Ovsienkor4550 added sample 802.1Q data
2011-05-07  Aaron Dummerr4501 convert racks and rows into objects
2011-02-14  Alexey Andriyanovr4228 Use local addresses in IPv6 samples instead of...
2011-02-14  Alexey Andriyanovr4225 Added IPv6 samples into init-sample-racks SQL...
2011-02-07  Alexey Andriyanovr4205 bugfix: fixed broken national characters in tag...
2011-02-06  Aaron Dummerr4203 drop the barcode column
2011-02-05  Denis Ovsienkor4199 add "scripts" directory and move CLI files there