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[racktables] / ChangeLog
2012-10-22  Michael HolmCleanup in files that is not php
2012-10-18  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: New Subnet is added wrong (#643)
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoremove old gateways code
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoimplement abstract tags (#577)
2012-10-15  Alexey Andriyanovvrp55Read8021QConfig: proper handling of VLAN 1
2012-10-11  Alexey Andriyanovslb: ability to specify multiple RS ports
2012-10-10  Jeff Silbermanfix some bugs in UCS gateway
2012-10-05  Denis OvsienkoproxyCactiRequest(): request rra_id=1 (#466)
2012-10-04  Alexey Andriyanov0.20.1: cut the release RackTables-0.20.1
2012-10-02  Denis Ovsienkoadd bug reference to 0.20.1 block
2012-10-02  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: IPv4 supernet capacity does not reflect child...
2012-09-30  Alexey AndriyanovIP addresses inherit tags from their parent networks...
2012-09-29  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for TL-SG5426 (#590)
2012-09-29  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for HP J9020A (#619), J9280A (#615)
2012-09-28  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: renaming top-level tag is impossible
2012-09-25  Alexey AndriyanovTab "Live ports" is blank if network error occurs ...
2012-09-23  Aaron Dummerlog records containing long lines are now word-wrapped...
2012-09-23  Aaron Dummerfix reference to mantis ticket
2012-09-22  Denis Ovsienkoimplement multiple Cacti servers (#534)
2012-09-19  Aaron DummerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-19  Aaron Dummerbugfix: 0.19.10 moved some HW models to a different...
2012-09-17  Denis Ovsienkoimplement offline mgmt of 802.1Q port list (#460)
2012-09-17  Alexey Andriyanovupdate: confirmation boxes when clearing attribute...
2012-09-17  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: paging reset in LivePTR (#421)
2012-09-17  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: ports and IPs highlighting is kept after edit...
2012-09-16  Aaron Dummeradd foreign keys to delete rack history data when a...
2012-09-16  Aaron DummercheckObjectUniqueness() - wasn't working when adding...
2012-09-16  Aaron Dummerbugfix: Location attributes weren't being saved (#605)
2012-09-15  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: IPs in NAT rules were displayed as ints
2012-09-15  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: fixed infinite loop when creating /0 nets
2012-09-15  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: IPv4 network capacity (#602)
2012-09-13  Jeff Silbermaninitial support for Cisco UCS
2012-09-10  Ilya EvseevD-Link (#533) and Linux (#541) support in gateways
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanov0.20.0: cut the release RackTables-0.20.0
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanov802.1q -> 802.1Q
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanovfilled 0.20.0 changelog
2012-09-04  Denis Ovsienkoinitial support for Marvell ROS 1.1
2012-09-02  Hannes Georgimprove renderNewSLBItemForm() (#403)
2012-09-02  Denis Ovsienkoissue #593 belongs to 0.19.14
2012-09-01  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco 300 switches (#594)
2012-08-27  Denis Ovsienkoupdate Dictionary unique constraint (#593)
2012-08-22  Denis Ovsienkoupdate AttributeValue SQL indices
2012-08-14  Denis Ovsienkoupdate ios12ShortenIfName() for LRE (#589)
2012-08-09  Alexey Andriyanovnew config var SEARCH_DOMAINS
2012-07-28  Aaron DummerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-28  Aaron Dummerability to manually sort racks (#370)
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for ProCurve 2650, 2900 (from mailing...
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummersupport for performing DB upgrades from a console using...
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradded comment field to IPv[4|6]Address tables (#555)
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for 3560E-12SD (#564)
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for AT9924T (#581)
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco 2924M-XL (#582)
2012-07-16  Alex Andriyanovcheck $attr permissions when rendering object edit...
2012-07-15  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for ProCurves (#558)
2012-07-14  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco 2960-24TC-L (#554)
2012-07-14  Aaron DummerPort linker selects nearest rack by default (#562)
2012-06-28  Denis Ovsienkor5118 0.19.13 pre-release changes
2012-06-25  Alexey Andriyanovr5115 bugfix: upgrade from 0.18.8 caused fatal errors...
2012-06-17  Alexey Andriyanovr5112 new feature: plugin installation is as simple...
2012-06-03  Aaron Dummerr5094 Add support for locations. Upgrading from 0...
2012-05-04  Alexey Andriyanovr5077 update: more config variables can be overriden...
2012-05-02  Alexey Andriyanovr5072 bugfix: displaying of 802.1Q ports tab could...
2012-05-02  Alexey Andriyanovr5071 bugfix: 'FUNCTION * does not exist' SQL errors...
2012-04-27  Denis Ovsienkor5066 merge "[T]" attributes into trunk (r5064, r5065)
2012-04-21  Denis Ovsienkor5062 renderRackspace(): move tag filter to the right...
2012-04-20  Denis Ovsienkor5061 use is_callable() instead of function_exists...
2012-04-20  Aaron Dummerr5060 bugfix: containers weren't displayed properly...
2012-04-17  Denis Ovsienkor5055 initial Arista EOS support
2012-04-16  Alexey Andriyanovr5050 bugfix: IPV4_AUTO_RELEASE config var was not...
2012-04-13  Denis Ovsienkor5045 add mapping for IE's own 'image/pjpeg' MIME type
2012-04-12  Denis Ovsienkor5043 justify changelogs and prepare for 0.19.12
2012-04-08  Alexey Andriyanovr5037 IPv6 SLB support
2012-04-07  Denis Ovsienkor5032 hardware warranty report by Ernest Shaffer
2012-03-23  Denis Ovsienkor5017 Add records for CFP transceivers.
2012-03-17  Denis Ovsienkor5010 non-anonymous LDAP search (#442) by Hannes Georg
2012-03-15  Denis Ovsienkor5000 initial serial console servers records
2012-03-10  Denis Ovsienkor4993 add helpdesk banner handling
2012-03-07  Alexey Andriyanovr4985 NX-OS 6.0 gateways support
2012-02-28  Alexey Andriyanovr4978 renderObject: optimized (do not call getLogRecord...
2012-02-25  Aaron Dummerr4975 pre-release changes
2012-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor4960 printSVGMessageBar(): new helper function
2012-02-15  Denis Ovsienkor4959 TLS LDAP option by Nick Hilliard
2012-02-11  Aaron Dummerr4956 add SNMP support for 2651XM (#526)
2012-02-10  Aaron Dummerr4954 add SNMP support for WS-C3550-24 (#525)
2012-02-09  Aaron Dummerr4950 add SNMP support for HP ProCurve 6600-48G-4XG...
2012-01-30  Aaron Dummerr4943 catch errors when uploading files (#420)
2012-01-29  Aaron Dummerr4941 add SNMP support for Linksys SRW2048 (#350)
2012-01-29  Aaron Dummerr4940 add SNMP support for Juniper EX3200-48T (#510)
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4939 add SNMP support for Netgear FS750T2 (#479)
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4937 add SNMP support for 3Com 4200G (#342)
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4934 add SNMP support for Dell PowerConnect 6224F...
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4933 add SNMP support for Dell PowerConnect 6224 ...
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4931 add SNMP support for WS-CE500G-12TC (#512)
2012-01-28  Aaron Dummerr4930 add SNMP support for Dell PowerConnect 6024F...
2012-01-27  Aaron Dummerr4929 add SNMP support for Dell PowerConnect 5224 ...
2012-01-27  Aaron Dummerr4928 add SNMP support for WS-CE500-24TT (#511)
2012-01-27  Aaron Dummerr4924 add SNMP support for Cisco SP 300-48 (#507)
2012-01-26  Alexey Andriyanovr4923 relational VLAN-to-ipnet bindings are now display...
2012-01-26  Aaron Dummerr4922 add SNMP support for Dell PowerConnect 3348,...
2012-01-17  Aaron Dummerr4916 add SNMP support for Arista 7124S (#505)