add support for double quotes in the search string
[racktables] / wwwroot / inc / database.php
2016-12-06  Denis Ovsienkoadd support for double quotes in the search string
2016-11-22  Alexey AndriyanovgetVlanRow: fix NotFound error handling
2016-10-25  Denis Ovsienkomodify more functions not to assume default values
2016-07-19  Denis Ovsienkoadd IN() SQL keyword support
2016-07-12  github138fix PDO Exception for mysql 5.7 171/head
2016-07-07  Denis Ovsienkofixup a few configuration variable functions
2016-06-24  Denis Ovsienkorefine commitUpdateAttrValue()
2016-06-24  Denis OvsienkogetAttrValues(): rearrange variables for clarity
2016-06-23  Denis OvsienkoloadEntityTags(): do not specify default values
2016-06-23  Denis Ovsienkoremove a stale comment
2016-06-08  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #164 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-06-08  Vladimir Sukhonosovreturn L2AddressException in convertPDOException 164/head
2016-06-07  Vladimir Sukhonosovfix exception class in commitAddPort
2016-06-06  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #163 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-06-03  Vladimir SukhonosovcommitAdd/UpdatePort: remove unused try/catch
2016-06-03  Vladimir SukhonosovDon't lock the Port table on modification
2016-05-23  Denis OvsienkocommitAddPort(): do not specify a default value
2016-05-20  Denis Ovsienkouse PDOStatement::fetchColumn() in more functions
2016-05-18  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #152 from bpothier/patch-3
2016-04-29  Denis Ovsienkouse PDOStatement::fetchColumn() in mutex functions
2016-04-28  Denis OvsienkorecordObjectHistory(): don't use "SELECT *"
2016-04-27  Denis OvsienkogetPortsCount(): use PDOStatement::fetchColumn()
2016-04-26  Denis OvsienkogetAttrType(): use PDOStatement::fetchColumn()
2016-04-25  Denis OvsienkogetRowsCount(): use PDOStatement::fetchColumn()
2016-04-25  Denis OvsienkosearchByAttrValue(): remove a no-op line
2016-04-16  Denis OvsienkoamplifyCell(): add a missing break (#1609)
2016-04-12  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-04-05  Denis Ovsienkoempty() isn't always the best tool, pt. 5
2016-03-31  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-03-31  Denis Ovsienkofactor makeSetSQL() out
2016-03-29  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-03-28  Denis Ovsienkoempty() isn't always the best tool, pt. 1
2016-03-27  Denis OvsienkoupdateAddress(): simplify a boolean expression
2016-03-23  Denis Ovsienkouse "&&" and "||" instead of "and" and "or"
2016-03-22  Denis Ovsienkorefine getDomainVLANs()
2016-03-19  Denis OvsienkosaveScript(): refine error handling
2016-03-17  Denis OvsienkoloadUserConfigCache(): refine error handling
2016-03-17  Denis Ovsienkotest for empty strings w/o strlen(), pt. 7
2016-03-14  Denis Ovsienkorectify makeWhereSQL()
2016-03-10  Denis Ovsienkotest for empty strings w/o strlen(), pt. 1
2016-03-06  Denis Ovsienkomove processGridForm() to where it belongs
2016-03-02  Denis Ovsienkorefine a couple SQL queries
2016-02-29  Denis Ovsienkorefine exception class in newPortForwarding()
2016-02-24  Denis Ovsienkoupdate a few functions to use isCheckSet()
2016-02-22  Denis Ovsienkofix a PHP warning after commit 19f4c98
2016-02-22  Denis OvsienkonewPortForwarding(): clarify error messages
2016-02-21  Denis Ovsienkorectify error handling in UI config
2016-02-19  Denis OvsienkoInvalidArgException: suppress '$' too
2016-02-19  Denis OvsienkoInvalidRequestArgException: suppress '$'
2016-02-19  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #146 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-02-18  Vladimir Sukhonosovfilter nested ip ranges in scanIPSpace pairlist 146/head
2016-02-14  Denis Ovsienkofix wording in a comment
2016-02-14  Denis OvsienkogetChapterRefc(): use array_fill_keys()
2016-02-08  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'pending' into maintenance-0.20.x
2016-02-03  Alexey Andriyanovoptimize compareDecomposedPortNames
2016-01-29  Denis OvsienkogetVlanRow(): spell NULL comparison uniformly
2016-01-23  Denis Ovsienkorename nullEmptyStr() to nullIfEmptyStr()
2016-01-23  Denis Ovsienkofactor 0 -> NULL coalescing out
2016-01-23  Denis Ovsienkofactor FALSE -> NULL coalescing out
2016-01-18  Denis Ovsienkoimprove use of nullEmptyStr()
2016-01-17  Denis OvsienkocommitAddObject(): fix a typo
2016-01-16  Denis Ovsienkoemphasize existing requirements for WHERE
2016-01-15  Denis OvsienkogetDBName(): don't fail silently
2016-01-15  Denis Ovsienkorectify graph node tracing and cycles detection
2016-01-08  Denis OvsienkogetTagList(): explain ORDER BY in a comment
2016-01-08  Denis Ovsienkofix a typo in a comment
2016-01-07  Denis OvsienkofetchAttrsForObjects(): bind parameters properly
2016-01-07  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #142 from ivladdalvi/maintenance...
2016-01-03  github138fix has_problems default value (GH #114, #117)
2015-12-17  Alexey AndriyanovcommitResetObject bug: SLB links were not removed
2015-11-07  Alexey Andriyanovchapter editor bugfix
2015-11-02  Alexey Andriyanovoptimize trigger_autoports()
2015-10-30  Alexey Andriyanovno more $tagtree global
2015-10-30  Alexey Andriyanovdo not calculate taglist[refcnt] every time
2015-10-19  Alexey AndriyanovscanIPNet: wrapper around scanIPSpace
2015-10-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #131 from bpothier/patch-2
2015-08-25  Alexey Andriyanovupd8021QPort: do not make dummy DB rewrites
2015-08-20  Alexey AndriyanovgetStored8021QConfig: filter by portnames added
2015-08-17  Alexey AndriyanovspotEntity: make DB query if cache entry not found
2015-08-04  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #132 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2015-08-04  Vladimir Sukhonosovallow additional object reset 132/head
2015-07-23  Alexey AndriyanovcommitUnlinkPort: return row count
2015-07-23  Alexey AndriyanovgetAutoPorts: split to multiple functions
2015-07-22  adoom42Merge pull request #130 from GeoffMaciolek/maintenance...
2015-07-22  Geoff MaciolekMerge pull request #1 from GeoffMaciolek/GeoffMaciolek... 130/head
2015-07-22  Geoff MaciolekAdded 'comment' field to getObjectAttrsSearchResults
2015-07-13  Alexey AndriyanovfetchIPv4AddressNetworkRow: SQL query optimized
2015-07-13  Alexey AndriyanovspotEntity: increase performance for ip nets
2015-06-22  Alexey AndriyanovspotEntity: SQL optimization
2015-06-05  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #125 from gescheit/maintenance-0...
2015-06-03  Alexey AndriyanovgetPortIIFStats: fix ineffective SQL 122/head
2015-06-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #115 from github138/ipaddress
2015-06-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #121 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2015-06-03  Vladimir SukhonosovcommitDeleteRack bugfix 121/head
2015-06-03  Vladimir SukhonosovAbility to clean rack and drop entire row from UI
2015-05-05  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #114 from github138/PDOExceptions
2015-04-24  Alexey AndriyanovlinkPorts: don't lock Port table
2015-04-24  Alexey AndriyanovcommitUpdatePortComment: don't lock Port table
2015-04-23  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #113 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2015-04-22  Vladimir Sukhonosovfix setDBMutex for return value 113/head