r3844 added description of X450a-24t switch
[racktables] / syncdomain.php
2010-06-11  Denis Ovsienkor3816 fix variable name
2010-06-11  Denis Ovsienkor3815 suppress warning message, when the pidfile is...
2010-05-18  Denis Ovsienkor3622 Split "aging" deploy queue into "sync_aging"...
2010-05-17  Denis Ovsienkor3619 add pidfile locking
2010-05-17  Denis Ovsienkor3618 syncdomain: add getVLANSwitchInfo() to restore...
2010-05-17  Denis Ovsienkor3617 8021Q_DEPLOY_MINAGE: new global option
2010-05-17  Denis Ovsienkor3614 do some cleanup, add 'verbose' mode
2010-05-15  Denis Ovsienkor3610 initial revision of domain sync cronjob