add basic integrity checks for config variables
[racktables] / wwwroot / inc / dictionary.php
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkoadd basic integrity checks for config variables
2018-11-30  Denis Ovsienkomake the configuration defaults data shareable
2018-11-30  rychkaUpdate dictionary.php
2018-10-17  Vasilii Shashkovnew breeds for HP Procurve and ios15; unit tests for... 225/head
2018-08-21  Michael C TiernanAdded entries for some other Dell machines that were... 226/head
2018-08-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #224 from xornet-sl/master
2018-08-03  Vladimir Sukhonosovadd Huawei CE6865-48S8CQ-EI 224/head
2018-07-23  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a few Arista switches
2018-07-13  Denis Ovsienkofixup once again: spell function name properly
2018-07-13  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit not to fail in Travis CI
2018-07-13  Denis Ovsienkoimprove reloadDictionary()
2018-05-17  TakeMeNLAdded Debian 9
2018-04-30  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add Ubuntu and MikroTik items
2018-04-13  stumbaumrAdding Fortinet, Raritan, HP Aruba and VMware
2018-04-12  M. HagenVarious updates (#218)
2018-04-12  Lars VogdtAdd latest openSUSE Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise...
2018-04-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #210 from ivladdalvi/shared-router
2018-03-06  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add an Ubuntu Linux release
2018-02-18  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a MikroTik switch
2018-01-05  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add some new Arista switches
2017-12-27  Denis Ovsienkocheck for InnoDB support consistently
2017-12-04  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add more MikroTik devices
2017-12-04  M. HagenTP-Link switches SNMP (GH#209)
2017-11-06  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add some more NEC switches
2017-11-01  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a new MikroTik device
2017-10-27  Denis OvsienkoIn comments eliminate commas before "than".
2017-10-22  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add HPE blade enclosures (Mantis#1795)
2017-08-16  Denis Ovsienkoadd some more dictionary entries
2017-08-11  Denis Ovsienkoformally retire support for PHP older than 5.5
2017-07-29  Aaron Dummer refactor plugin architecture
2017-07-23  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add assorted products (Mantis #1779)
2017-07-20  Miouge1Add all SuperMicro chassis and servers (#201)
2017-07-13  Denis Ovsienkoomit the PHP closing tag at EOF in all PHP files
2017-07-06  Maxime GuyotAdd 2028TP-HC0R-SIOM and 6028R-E1CR12L from SuperMicro
2017-06-16  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add another OS release (Mantis#1769)
2017-05-23  ShazaumEdge-Core had the product discontinued
2017-04-21  Vladimir Sukhonosovadd Huawei CE8850-32CQ-EI
2017-04-12  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a recent OpenBSD release
2017-02-28  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a router model
2017-02-16  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add some server OS entries
2017-02-16  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add some missing Arista switches
2017-02-14  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: make some fixups for Mantis#1721
2017-02-09  Chris JonesAdd Brocade ICX7250-48 and VDX 6740
2017-02-08  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a few Cisco models (Mantis #1721)
2017-01-19  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #191 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-12-18  kadams12Added New Cisco Routers and Switches (#188)
2016-12-15  HBrownesorting of Dell PowerVault entries 189/head
2016-10-30  Joe Passavantiadding Ubiquiti ES-48 Switch to dictionary
2016-10-19  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #182 from shazaum/maintenance-0...
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd more item: Xenserver versions and HP Storage 182/head
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd version FreeBSD 11.X
2016-10-19  Denis Ovsienkomanage some empty lines
2016-10-19  ShazaumAdd new version OpenBSD and add new hw hp proliant 181/head
2016-10-15  Alexey Andriyanovnew Huawei dict items
2016-07-06  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: refresh Solaris set of rows
2016-06-26  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add recent Ubuntu Linux releases
2016-06-10  Denis Ovsienkoput the previous change right
2016-06-10  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #165 from demik/maintenance-0.20.x
2016-06-10  demikfixed sequence number 165/head
2016-06-10  demikadded missing x9xx ISR G2 Cisco Routers
2016-05-25  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: remove duplicate UCS servers
2016-05-18  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #152 from bpothier/patch-3
2016-04-16  BrianMissed 2 blades
2016-04-16  BrianAdded new/missing Cisco UCS servers and FIs
2016-04-13  Alexey Andriyanovnew Ixia, Quanta, Huawei dictionary items
2016-04-12  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-04-12  Alexey Andriyanovadd new switch models into dictionary
2016-03-29  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-03-23  Denis Ovsienkouse "&&" and "||" instead of "and" and "or"
2016-03-16  Alexey AndriyanovNexus 7700 models added into dictionary
2016-01-19  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: OS entries for small routers and APs
2016-01-07  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #142 from ivladdalvi/maintenance...
2015-12-26  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add another MikroTik device
2015-11-18  Denis Ovsienkospell "TP-Link" properly
2015-11-11  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add the latest MikroTik CCR
2015-11-03  Aaron Dummeradd dictionary entries
2015-10-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'phgrau/phgrau/ucs-rackser...
2015-10-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #131 from bpothier/patch-2
2015-10-10  Christian RuppertSome new OS 137/head
2015-08-09  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for HP J9625A (#1459)
2015-08-09  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Juniper EX2200 (#1395)
2015-08-09  Aaron Dummeradd NetApp models to dictionary (#1499)
2015-06-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #115 from github138/ipaddress
2015-05-22  Aleksandr Balezinuse appropriate dict id for Nexus 3123Q 119/head
2015-05-05  Ray RobertsonUpdate dictionary.php 116/head
2015-05-05  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #114 from github138/PDOExceptions
2015-03-31  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #111 from gescheit/master
2015-03-31  Aleksandr BalezinSNMP support for Nexus 3132Q 111/head
2015-03-30  Alexey Andriyanovnew dict item 'Huawei CE5850-48T4S2Q-HI'
2015-01-13  Alexey Andriyanovdict: remove duplicate item HP ProCurve 1910-24G
2014-12-30  Denny Schäferadd HP ProCurve 1910-24G 95/head
2014-12-23  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: add a switch
2014-12-13  Lars Vogdtadd SUSE Linux Enterprise version 12
2014-12-13  Alexey Andriyanoventire Cisco Small Business series added into dict
2014-11-25  Alexey Andriyanovfix dict items syntax
2014-11-25  Alexey AndriyanovCisco Nexus 3000 added into dictionary
2014-11-08  Denis Ovsienkoadd more network switches to the dictionary
2014-11-03  Denny Schäferadd some cisco routers to the dictionary 90/head
2014-11-02  Denis Ovsienkoadd some hardware and software to the dictionary
2014-10-28  Alexey Andriyanovnew Juniper MX dictionary items