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2021-09-27  Sergey RychkaUpdate snmp.php
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: add two more Netgear switches (Mantis#1983)
2020-08-31  Denis Ovsienkosnmp.php: fix some indentation issues
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkodoSwitchSNMPmining(): fixup some pattern matching
2020-08-29  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: update some Netgear code
2020-05-24  lenorcyAdd SNMP support for HPE 5130 (JG937A) and A5120 (JG237A) 263/head
2019-09-15  Denis Ovsienkoclarify the previous commit
2019-09-15  Denis OvsienkoAdd snmp syncing support for Arista DCS-7050SX-64 ...
2019-09-06  Lance AlbertsonAdd snmp syncing support for Arista DCS-7050SX-64 264/head
2019-02-20  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2019-02-20  Sergey Rychkaadd SNMP support for HP Switches (GH #252)
2019-01-31  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commits
2019-01-31  Sergey RychkaUpdate snmp.php 251/head
2019-01-22  Denis Ovsienkoremove more trailing spaces
2019-01-20  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2019-01-20  Sergey Rychkaadd SNMP support for HP switches (GH #243)
2019-01-06  Christoph Gothsnmp: add support for a variant of HP JE006A (Mantis...
2019-01-03  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2019-01-02  rychkaUpdate snmp.php
2018-12-17  Denis Ovsienkosqueeze some blank lines
2018-12-11  Denis Ovsienkofixup indentation in snmp.php
2018-11-30  rychkaUpdate snmp.php
2018-10-30  rychkaadd D-Link DES-3028 SNMP support (#229)
2018-08-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #224 from xornet-sl/master
2018-08-03  Vladimir Sukhonosovadd Huawei CE6865-48S8CQ-EI 224/head
2018-08-03  Vladimir Sukhonosovadd hce snmp sync support for 25G ports
2018-07-03  Denis Ovsienkofix some language in comments
2018-05-01  M. HagenAdded T1600G-18TS to SNMP Sync (#221)
2017-12-04  M. HagenTP-Link switches SNMP (GH#209)
2017-09-25  Denis Ovsienkorefine use of which/that in comments
2017-07-20  Denis Ovsienkorename syncObjectPorts() to replaceObjectPorts()
2017-07-13  Denis OvsienkoRTSNMPDevice: handle SNMP versions stricter
2017-07-13  Denis Ovsienkoomit the PHP closing tag at EOF in all PHP files
2017-05-08  Denis Ovsienkoimprove the L2 address constraint check
2017-05-07  Denis OvsienkogeneratePortsForCatModule(): unused, remove
2017-05-04  Denis Ovsienkoadd a SNMP block for WS-C3560X-24T (Mantis#1343)
2017-05-04  Denis Ovsienkosimplify some more port management code
2017-04-21  Vladimir Sukhonosovadd Huawei CE8850-32CQ-EI
2017-03-12  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: replace a FIXME with a draft pattern
2017-02-09  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous change
2017-02-09  Chris JonesAdd Brocade ICX7250-48 and VDX 6740
2017-01-19  Alexey Andriyanovsnmp sync support for Huawei CE6870
2016-11-24  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP sync support for Huawei CE5850-HI
2016-10-30  Joe Passavantiadding processors and switch for Ubiquiti 184/head
2016-06-30  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #170 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-06-30  Vladimir SukhonosovAdd SNMP support for Catalyst 2960S-48TS-L 170/head
2016-06-06  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #163 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-06-03  Vladimir SukhonosovdoSNMPmining refactoring
2016-05-27  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #161 from xornet-sl/maintenance...
2016-05-27  Vladimir Sukhonosovsnmp.php: use showError instead of showFuncMessage
2016-05-18  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #152 from bpothier/patch-3
2016-04-20  Denis Ovsienkorefine checkPIC()
2016-03-31  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-03-31  Alexey AndriyanovdoSwitchSNMPmining: detect IOS 15.2 sw type
2016-03-29  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'maintenance-0.20.x' into yandex-prod
2016-03-23  Denis Ovsienkouse "&&" and "||" instead of "and" and "or"
2016-03-11  Denis Ovsienkotest for empty strings w/o strlen(), pt. 2
2016-03-06  Denis OvsienkonextMACAddress(): add input validation
2015-11-18  Denis Ovsienkospell "TP-Link" properly
2015-10-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #131 from bpothier/patch-2
2015-09-10  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for WS-CE500-24PC (#1523)
2015-08-09  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for HP J9625A (#1459)
2015-08-09  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Juniper EX2200 (#1395)
2015-06-05  Alexey AndriyanovNexus 3132Q snmp sync impoved
2015-06-05  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #125 from gescheit/maintenance-0...
2015-06-04  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #124 from bissertodorov/patch-2
2015-06-04  bissertodorovSNMP support for Cisco Nexus 3048 124/head
2015-06-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #115 from github138/ipaddress
2015-05-22  Aleksandr Balezinuse appropriate dict id for Nexus 3123Q 119/head
2015-05-05  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #114 from github138/PDOExceptions
2015-04-15  Alexey Andriyanovsnmp sync: detect newest Huawei VRP SW types
2015-03-31  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #111 from gescheit/master
2015-03-31  Aleksandr BalezinSNMP support for Nexus 3132Q 111/head
2015-03-21  adoom42Merge pull request #106 from jzohrab/test_on_unittest_d...
2015-03-03  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP support for Cisco C2960-Plus series
2015-02-24  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #101 from solevi/maintenance-0.20.x
2015-02-21  Denis Ovsienkoimprove $msgcode array population
2015-01-30  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #100 from Usuychik/devel
2015-01-30  Vitaliy Isarevfix SNMP support for Cisco SMB 220 100/head
2015-01-29  Vitaliy Isarevfix $iftable_processors for Cisco SMB SF220 switches
2015-01-15  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #96 from Usuychik/devel
2015-01-13  Vitaliy IsarevAdd SNMP support for Cisco SMB switches: all 200, 220... 96/head
2015-01-13  Denis OvsienkoSNMP: fix dict_key for HP 1910-24G
2015-01-04  Denis Ovsienkofinalize the previous commit
2014-12-30  Denny Schäferadd HP ProCurve 1910-24G 95/head
2014-11-21  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP support for Huawei CE7850-32Q-EI
2014-10-07  Chris JonesSNMP: add more Brocade and IBM switches
2014-07-14  Alexey Andriyanovadd SNMP support for Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPS-L
2014-07-10  Alexey Andriyanovadd SNMP support for Huawei CE6850-48S4Q-EI
2014-07-05  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco WS-C2960X-24TS-LL (#1205)
2014-07-05  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for HP J9728A (#1255)
2014-07-05  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Linksys SRW2024P (#1183)
2014-07-05  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for HP J8693A (#1251)
2014-07-05  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for Cisco CGS-2520-24TC (#1259)
2014-06-04  Alexey Andriyanovsnmp: detectSoftwareType handles VRP 8.x
2014-06-04  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP support for Cisco 2960X-24PS-L, 2960X-24PD-L
2014-02-26  Denis Ovsienkouse array_fetch() in doSwitchSNMPmining()
2014-02-01  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for J8692A (#1143)
2014-02-01  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for J9146A (#1143)
2013-12-22  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for AT-GS950/24 (#1105), de-duplicate...