r3761 added LLDP status command to VRP53 connector script
[racktables] / gateways / deviceconfig / vrp53.connector
2010-06-06  Denis Ovsienkor3761 added LLDP status command to VRP53 connector...
2010-06-06  Denis Ovsienkor3756 do a series of cleanups on temporary files and...
2010-05-31  Denis Ovsienkor3709 replace "retrieve" command code with "get8021q"
2010-05-21  Denis Ovsienkor3641 add 30 seconds timeout to netcat call
2010-04-27  Denis Ovsienkor3476 use basename, omit nc delay
2010-03-18  Denis Ovsienkor3361 vrp53.connector: undo debug change, which was...
2010-03-18  Denis Ovsienkor3360 getVLANSwitchInfo(): add a quick fix
2010-03-15  Denis Ovsienkor3348 Huawei VRP 5.30 connector: initial edition