makeGatewayParams: fix missing 'new' in throwing
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2013-04-15  Alexey AndriyanovmakeGatewayParams: fix missing 'new' in throwing
2013-03-19  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #14 from nido/master
2013-03-15  Ivo TamboerAdded 'sshnokey' gateway to communicate using password... 14/head
2013-03-06  Alexey Andriyanovretry fetching running-config from Cisco IOS devs
2013-03-06  Alexey Andriyanovfix Arista telnet prompt regexp
2013-03-04  Alexey Andriyanovfix IOS 12 telnet prompt (confirmation questions)
2013-02-19  Alexey AndriyanovASR 9000 LLDP support
2013-02-16  Alexey Andriyanovnew hook alterDeviceQueryResult
2013-02-16  Alexey AndriyanovLLDP support for Juniper devices
2013-02-16  Alexey AndriyanovdetectDeviceBreed for Cisco IOS 12 routers
2013-02-16  Alexey Andriyanovoverridable ssh gateway command-line options
2013-01-30  Alexey AndriyanovdetectDeviceBreed: support of IOS 12.4
2013-01-30  Alexey AndriyanovIOS 15.1 dictionary item
2013-01-25  Alexey Andriyanov802.1Q NX-OS configuration parser merged with IOS
2013-01-16  Alexey AndriyanovCisco IOS 15.0 support
2013-01-16  Alexey Andriyanovfix filling of $breed_by_swcode
2013-01-16  Alexey Andriyanovability to override detectDeviceBreed's mapping
2013-01-15  BlazejGupdate detectDeviceBreed() for IOS 12.0 (#723)
2012-12-06  Denis Ovsienkolist NX-OS 5.2
2012-12-05  Alexey AndriyanovcallScript: $gateway_log global var
2012-11-13  Alexey Andriyanovnew hook to override telnet/ssh params
2012-11-08  Alexey AndriyanovcallScript: ability to call any script
2012-11-07  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: NX-OS LLDP gateway fix
2012-10-30  Alexey AndriyanovqueryTerminal: fix comment error
2012-10-22  Michael HolmAdded some code cleanup.
2012-10-20  Denis Ovsienkoadd a comment about $breedfunc
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoimprove some breed functions
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkodecommission gateways.php
2012-09-13  Jeff Silbermaninitial support for Cisco UCS
2012-09-10  Ilya EvseevD-Link (#533) and Linux (#541) support in gateways
2012-09-06  Alexey Andriyanovsupport for fetching configs from IOS XR 4 devices
2012-09-04  Denis Ovsienkoinitial support for Marvell ROS 1.1
2012-08-03  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-03  Alexey AndriyanovcallScript: clear output variables before appending
2012-06-26  Alexey Andriyanovr5117 callScript: reverted r5114 because of PHP bug...
2012-06-22  Alexey Andriyanovr5114 callScript now respects waitpid(3) return value
2012-05-03  Alexey Andriyanovr5074 bugfix: possible deadlock in callScript if there...
2012-04-17  Denis Ovsienkor5055 initial Arista EOS support
2012-04-17  Denis Ovsienkor5051 queryTerminal(): disable terminal monitoring...
2012-04-11  Denis Ovsienkor5042 update queryTerminal() for IOS prompt
2012-04-06  Denis Ovsienkor5031 remove odd case from queryTerminal()
2012-04-06  Denis Ovsienkor5030 Aironet IOS is broken, use telnet method
2012-04-06  Denis Ovsienkor5028 initial Aironet support in gateways API
2012-03-14  Denis Ovsienkor4998 Added a reference to COPYING into every file...
2012-02-29  Alexey Andriyanovr4980 ExtremeOS deploying was fixed
2012-02-20  Alexey Andriyanovr4965 changes needed to support Juniper MX as 802.1q...
2011-09-30  Alexey Andriyanovr4808 queryTerminal: use netcat if device breed is...
2011-09-28  Alexey Andriyanovr4805 bugfix: ability to specify 'telnet' protocol...
2011-09-23  Denis Ovsienkor4801 getRunning8021QConfig(): empty "portconfig" is...
2011-08-23  Alexey Andriyanovr4754 ssh gateway: tunable IP protocol version
2011-08-11  Denis Ovsienkor4738 queryTerminal(): explain the meaning of prompt...
2011-08-10  Denis Ovsienkor4729 queryTerminal(): justify netcat options block
2011-08-07  Alexey Andriyanovr4717 telnet gateway: new (3rd) gateway called 'netcat...
2011-08-07  Denis Ovsienkor4712 queryTerminal(): adjust ftos8 regexp (again)
2011-08-05  Alexey Andriyanovr4711 802.1q and LivePorts features support for Force10...
2011-08-03  Denis Ovsienkor4709 Add LLDP support for FTOS 8.
2011-07-20  Alexey Andriyanovr4683 Huawei prompt now sees confirmation questions
2011-06-23  Alexey Andriyanovr4616 telnet gateway: increase waiting timeout even...
2011-06-23  Alexey Andriyanovr4615 telnet gateway: increase default output wait...
2011-06-22  Alexey Andriyanovr4609 queryTerminal:
2011-06-21  Alexey Andriyanovr4599 new feature int telnet client: prompt-waiting...
2011-06-16  Alexey Andriyanovr4577 getRunning8021QConfig: throw an exception if...
2011-06-16  Alexey Andriyanovr4576 queryTerminal: eliminate tailing newline in excep...
2011-06-09  Alexey Andriyanovr4553 bugfix: queryTerminal(): JUNOS pager disabling...
2011-06-08  Alexey Andriyanovr4551 bugfix: wrong newline characters were passed...
2011-06-08  Alexey Andriyanovr4549 8021Q: switch to new 'remote' lib instead of...
2011-05-27  Alexey Andriyanovr4524 bugfix: wrong exception type was thrown in new...
2011-05-24  Alexey Andriyanovr4518 files: