r4173 Reduce config.php in a way:
[racktables] / inc / config.php
2011-01-30  Denis Ovsienkor4173 Reduce config.php in a way:
2011-01-29  Aaron Dummerr4165 add support for "container" objects to handle...
2011-01-16  Denis Ovsienkor4138 commitResetObject(): use appropriate function...
2011-01-12  Denis Ovsienkor4107 getConfigVar(): review in a way of exceptions...
2010-12-24  Aaron Dummerr4063 set current version to 0.19.0
2010-12-09  Denis Ovsienkor4044 list Catalyst 2960S series
2010-12-05  Ryan Farringtonr4042 additional Dell hardware dictionary increase
2010-12-02  Denis Ovsienkor4038 add SMC records to dictionary and SNMP block
2010-11-20  Denis Ovsienkor4011 make some room for 0.19
2010-10-22  Alexey Andriyanovr3988 just before release 0.18.5
2010-10-19  Alexey Andriyanovr3985 Cisco Catalyst 2960-48PST-L
2010-10-19  Denis Ovsienkor3978 wait a bit before release
2010-10-19  Alexey Andriyanovr3977 Final preparation before 0.18.5 release
2010-10-10  Denis Ovsienkor3965 Huawei VRP 5.70
2010-10-08  Denis Ovsienkor3964 add a record for MX80
2010-09-29  Denis Ovsienkor3949 copy recent (mostly tested) commits from maintena...
2010-07-13  Denis Ovsienkor3907 pre-release justification
2010-07-03  Denis Ovsienkor3887 copy most recent commits from maintenance into...
2010-06-24  Denis Ovsienkor3864 copy recent exceptions-related commits into trunk
2010-06-24  Denis Ovsienkor3863 copy Huawei commit into trunk
2010-06-22  Denis Ovsienkor3854 add more dictionary records for Huawei
2010-06-15  Denis Ovsienkor3835 make necessary pre-release changes RackTables-0.18.3
2010-06-12  Denis Ovsienkor3819 added recent Extreme Networks Summit devices
2010-06-10  Denis Ovsienkor3796 justify necessary bits before release
2010-06-08  Denis Ovsienkor3766 process.php: catch E_DB_CONSTRAINT exception...
2010-06-03  Denis Ovsienkor3731 commit usual pre-release changes
2010-05-31  Denis Ovsienkor3705 authenticate(): don't use RuntimeException
2010-05-31  Denis Ovsienkor3703 NotAuthorizedException class: dismiss
2010-05-30  Denis Ovsienkor3701 add8021QPort(): get rid of RuntimeException
2010-05-30  Denis Ovsienkor3699 loadConfigDefaults(): get rid of RuntimeException
2010-05-30  Denis Ovsienkor3696 process.php: get rid of RuntimeException
2010-05-30  Denis Ovsienkor3695 get rid of CodeCompilationError class
2010-05-29  Denis Ovsienkor3679 added bits necessary for Extreme Networks Summit...
2010-05-29  Denis Ovsienkor3678 make some space for the next release
2010-05-27  Denis Ovsienkor3667 pre-release justifications
2010-05-27  Denis Ovsienkor3666 justify release-specific things for 0.17.11 and...
2010-05-27  Denis Ovsienkor3651 group constants definitions together
2010-05-06  Denis Ovsienkor3537 Add a new "sync disabled" artifical error and...
2010-05-06  Denis Ovsienkor3531 get8021QDeployPlan(): rename to get8021QDeployQue...
2010-05-05  Denis Ovsienkor3529 copy r3526 into trunk
2010-05-04  Denis Ovsienkor3517 fixed IPv4 regexps
2010-05-02  Denis Ovsienkor3508 add HP J9147A switch records (#323)
2010-04-29  Denis Ovsienkor3490 VLANSwitch: change schema again
2010-04-27  Denis Ovsienkor3483 add records for two more Cisco switches
2010-04-01  Denis Ovsienkor3389 2nd round of PCRE work (#262), fix regexps
2010-03-24  Denis Ovsienkor3388 1st round of work wrt #262 (switching from ereg...
2010-03-15  Denis Ovsienkor3345 added Quidway s53xx switches to dictionary
2010-02-24  Denis Ovsienkor3286 added missing items into $max_dict_key
2010-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor3278 pull the last maintenance commit into trunk
2010-02-11  Denis Ovsienkor3256 initial checkin of VLAN management work
2010-02-10  Denis Yeldandir3253 Fixed isConfigVarChanged()
2010-02-10  Denis Ovsienkor3252 removed dead code
2009-12-25  Denis Ovsienkor3230 - 0.17.8: pre-release adjustments
2009-12-12  Denis Ovsienkor3219 - merge ticket:296 changeset:3218 into trunk
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3208 Changed CODE_VERSION back to 0.17.7
2009-12-02  Denis Yeldandir3205 Added per-user UI preferences. Ticket #29
2009-11-09  Denis Ovsienkor3186 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 3182...
2009-11-05  Denis Yeldandir3181 Got rid of showError()
2009-10-31  Denis Ovsienkor3178 - justify bits for 0.17.6
2009-10-05  Denis Ovsienkor3153 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:3136
2009-09-16  Denis Ovsienkor3134 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets: 3130...
2009-09-15  Denis Ovsienkor3118 - "power plug" (16) becomes "pwr-in" (16) and...
2009-09-15  Denis Ovsienkor3117 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 3115...
2009-09-04  Denis Ovsienkor3102 - also list next Ubuntu release
2009-09-01  Denis Ovsienkor3093 - more records for OS chapter (ticket:281)
2009-08-28  Denis Ovsienkor3083 - rename PortType chapter into PortOuterInterface
2009-08-28  Denis Ovsienkor3079 - more Cisco APs (by Boris)
2009-08-26  Denis Ovsienkor3069 - add SQL stuff for ticket:64
2009-08-24  Denis Ovsienkor3066 - Hitachi Cable records (ticket:275)
2009-08-24  Denis Ovsienkor3065 - APC records update
2009-08-13  Denis Ovsienkor3060 - 0.17.4 pre-release justifications
2009-08-13  Denis Ovsienkor3059 - list 0.17.4 in max_dict_key
2009-08-08  Denis Ovsienkor3046 - 0.17.3 pre-release justifications
2009-08-04  Denis Ovsienkor3036 - reloadDictionary(): act off target release...
2009-07-29  Denis Ovsienkor3014 - getPortTypes(): sayonara
2009-07-22  Denis Ovsienkor3003 - do standard pre-release justifications for...
2009-07-21  Denis Ovsienkor2990 - list 6509-V-E
2009-07-21  Denis Ovsienkor2985 - list records for APC (ticket:268)
2009-07-20  Denis Ovsienkor2983 - trunk<->maintenance sync of some trivial chang...
2009-07-20  Denis Ovsienkor2970 - maintenance->trunk sync of changeset:2954
2009-07-20  Denis Ovsienkor2969 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 2927...
2009-07-20  Denis Ovsienkor2968 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 2918...
2009-07-14  Denis Ovsienkor2946 - renderSearchResults(): discard detection of...
2009-06-26  Denis Ovsienkor2912 - maintenance<->trunk cross-sync
2009-06-25  Denis Ovsienkor2906 - maintenance->trunk sync of changesets 2886...
2009-06-13  Jonathan Thurmanr2861 Fix a dict_key violation that I just created...
2009-06-10  Denis Ovsienkor2834 - do necessary arrangements in FC switch records
2009-06-09  Aaron Dummerr2832 added dictionary entries for ticket 238
2009-06-03  Denis Ovsienkor2821 - pre-release justifications
2009-06-01  Denis Ovsienkor2809 - pull bugfix into trunk
2009-04-16  Denis Ovsienkor2647 -lListed Cisco and Foundry access points and...
2009-04-14  Denis Ovsienkor2637 - record Cisco NX-OS
2009-04-14  Denis Ovsienkor2635 - added Cisco Nexus records (ticket:198)
2009-04-14  Denis Ovsienkor2634 - SGI Altix update: remove outdated URL, add...
2009-04-09  Denis Ovsienkor2624 - fixed a typo in README
2009-04-08  Denis Ovsienkor2616 - list F5
2009-01-29  Denis Ovsienkor2376 - enable windows-style MAC address format
2009-01-15  Denis Ovsienkor2343 - Fedora and SUSE updates
2009-01-15  Denis Ovsienkor2342 - distinguish between stock and local records...
2009-01-15  Denis Ovsienkor2336 - adjust file panel layout a bit more