Revert "- rebase against master branch"
[racktables] / wwwroot / inc / popup.php
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert "- rebase against master branch"
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert 9 commits specific to patch panels
2013-11-10  Aaron DummerfindSparePorts: include ports of zero-U objects (#917)
2013-10-13  Aaron DummerrenderPopupTraceRoute: reverse sort order
2013-09-04  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #30 from acidix/feature-asset-filter
2013-09-04  Thomas UhdeFix for 30/head
2013-07-17  Aaron Dummer- rebase against master branch
2013-07-16  Aaron DummerrenderPopupTraceRoute(): add a title
2013-07-16  Aaron Dummeradd support for one-to-many port links, and cable path...
2013-05-04  Aaron Dummercontained objects were displayed without container...
2012-11-10  Aaron Dummerlist objects page threw exception if an object's contai...
2012-10-03  Alexander Balezintrim whitespaces from object name and port name
2012-09-07  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: perfomance issue in port linker
2012-08-25  Aaron Dummerfix undefined index error related to #562
2012-08-24  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: PHP notice in port linker popup
2012-08-24  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: Messages from popups were not displayed
2012-07-14  Aaron DummerPort linker selects nearest rack by default (#562)
2012-05-11  Alexey Andriyanovr5080 cable ids for links could be edited through AJAX...
2012-03-14  Denis Ovsienkor4998 Added a reference to COPYING into every file...
2011-06-27  Alexey Andriyanovr4620 port linker update: natural port sorting, same...
2011-06-27  Alexey Andriyanovr4617 minor changes in port linker
2011-06-21  Alexey Andriyanovr4601 bugfix: findSparePorts: SQL syntax error
2011-06-20  Alexey Andriyanovr4595 findSparePorts: removed debug echo
2011-06-20  Alexey Andriyanovr4594 bugfix: popup port linker was not always finding...
2011-06-06  Alexey Andriyanovr4542 update: ability to search a remote port while...
2011-05-07  Aaron Dummerr4501 convert racks and rows into objects
2011-03-17  Denis Ovsienkor4354 RTPermissionDenied: new class instead of RackTabl...
2011-03-05  Denis Ovsienkor4292 popup.php: turn into a pure library file