r4371 ChangeLog: add reference to bug #413
[racktables] / wwwroot / inc / database.php
2011-03-19  Aaron Dummerr4371 ChangeLog: add reference to bug #413
2011-03-17  Denis Ovsienkor4361 constructUserCell(): move to database.php to...
2011-03-17  Alexey Andriyanovr4352 LiveCDP, LiveLLDP, etc: ability to install trance...
2011-03-16  Denis Ovsienkor4347 dos2unix(): move to interface-lib.php
2011-03-15  Denis Ovsienkor4339 commitReplaceFile(): reset thumbnail on update
2011-03-03  Denis Ovsienkor4278 add unset() back
2011-03-03  Denis Ovsienkor4277 getFile(): simplify
2011-02-27  Alexey Andriyanovr4263 new API functions to fetch object's IP allocations
2011-02-25  Denis Ovsienkor4258 genericAssertion(): add "vlan" and "vlan1" cases
2011-02-22  Aaron Dummerr4252 database.php: add closeCursor call to linkPorts()
2011-02-18  Aaron Dummerr4237 bugfix: issues reported in #401
2011-02-17  Denis Ovsienkor4235 usePreparedUpdateBlade(): add a space for a clean...
2011-02-16  Aaron Dummerr4233 database.php: delete container relationships...
2011-02-15  Alexey Andriyanovr4229 bugfix: IPv6 was broken with PHP older than 5.2
2011-02-14  Alexey Andriyanovr4223 bugfix: got rid of using the current() and key...
2011-02-12  Denis Ovsienkor4214 getDictStats(): justify list of stock chapters
2011-02-06  Aaron Dummerr4204 database.php: getEntityRelatives: fix sorting...
2011-02-06  Aaron Dummerr4203 drop the barcode column
2011-02-05  Denis Ovsienkor4196 moving files, #39