add OEM S/N 1 to Expirations report
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2013-12-04  Matthew Castanienadd OEM S/N 1 to Expirations report
2013-12-04  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: IP tree expansion button was broken
2013-12-02  Alexey Andriyanovclean-up the 'FileLink -> EntityLink change'
2013-12-01  Aaron DummerrenderDataIntegrityReport: initial version
2013-11-30  adoom42Merge pull request #48 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-30  Aaron Dummerdrop the FileLink table, use EntityLink instead
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanovport type could be changed even if port is linked
2013-11-26  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: port submit form was broken
2013-11-25  Alexey Andriyanovcell filter pages rendering speed-up
2013-11-24  Aaron DummerrenderDepot: display all containers and mount points...
2013-11-22  adoom42Merge pull request #43 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-18  adoom42Merge pull request #45 from MWilkinson/SNMP_1063
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert "add support for one-to-many port links, and...
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert 2 commits specific to patch panels
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert 9 commits specific to patch panels
2013-11-16  Aaron DummerrenderAddMultipleObjectsForm: merge physical and virtua...
2013-11-13  MWilkinsonprintObjectDetailsForRenderRack: blade objects with...
2013-11-10  Aaron DummerrenderLocationSelectTree: fix strict standards violatio...
2013-11-06  Denis Ovsienkoadd missing LABEL to renderIPNewNetForm()
2013-11-01  Alexey Andriyanovdon't use SORT_NATURAL: supported since PHP 5.4
2013-10-30  Alexey AndriyanovrenderSearchResults: fix exception
2013-10-18  Alexey Andriyanovport type can now be changed even if port is linked...
2013-10-17  Alexey Andriyanovmgmt link on FQDN supports any protocol
2013-10-05  Aaron DummerrenderVirtualResourcesSummary: add resource pool info...
2013-10-05  Aaron DummerrenderRackMultiSelect: sort by location and row name...
2013-10-05  Aaron DummerrenderObjectPortRow: restore port tracing icon
2013-10-01  Alexey AndriyanovRevert "Move bulkselector.js contents to existing rackt...
2013-09-12  adoom42Merge pull request #32 from kelchm/master
2013-09-12  Matthew KelchMove bulkselector.js contents to existing racktables.js
2013-09-12  Matthew KelchAdds bulk selection and deselection of object rackspace...
2013-08-13  Aaron DummerrenderPortsForObject: 'Trace this port' link was broken
2013-08-05  Aaron DummerrenderEditRackForm: display location parents in the...
2013-08-05  MWilkinsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 22/head
2013-08-03  Aaron Dummerdisplay location tree in breadcrumbs (#905)
2013-07-24  MWilkinsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-07-24  Alexey Andriyanovadoption of patchpanel branch (first part)
2013-07-21  Rob Quistfix some code style
2013-07-20  MWilkinsonsupport blades of varying sizes in the same chassis...
2013-07-20  Aaron Dummerdisplay location parents in the rack list when mounting...
2013-07-19  Aaron Dummeradd collapse/expand feature to location filter (#901)
2013-07-19  Aaron Dummeradd a link to the View Rack page (#947)
2013-07-19  JazmikSwitched from codepress to codemirror
2013-07-16  Aaron DummerrenderObject() - add the 'Trace all ports' link
2013-07-16  Aaron Dummeradd support for one-to-many port links, and cable path...
2013-07-12  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: remote ifname shortening in CDP/LLDP
2013-06-25  Alexey AndriyanovAPI: ability to override apply8021Qrder()
2013-06-24  Alexey Andriyanovspeed-up displaying 802.1Q queue summary
2013-06-23  Alexey Andriyanovsearch for rack rows by name (#885)
2013-06-23  Alexey AndriyanovrenderRackspaceRowEditor: fix tabindex (#897)
2013-06-23  Alexey Andriyanovoptimize renderRackspaceRowEditor()
2013-06-21  Alexey AndriyanovprintObjectDetailsForRenderRack: PHP notice fixed
2013-06-08  Aaron DummerrenderLocationFilterPortlet: change form from GET to...
2013-06-08  Aaron Dummerdisplay location drop-down list as a tree (#879)
2013-06-08  Aaron DummerrenderLocationFilterPortlet: add JavaScript to toggle...
2013-05-21  Alexey Andriyanovvsg: search by vsg name
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovtrim trailing whitespace
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix in config edit form (user-defined vars)
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovdont display routers in aggregate networks (#773)
2013-05-18  Aaron Dummerdisplay blades when rendering a rack (#745)
2013-05-18  Aaron DummerrenderGridForm(): removed markupObjectProblems call
2013-05-15  Alexey Andriyanovclarification around formatEntityList
2013-05-14  Alexey Andriyanovremoved markupObjectProblems func
2013-05-14  Alexey AndriyanovgetRenderedAlloc: 'none' in IPV4_TREE_RTR_AS_CELL
2013-05-13  Alexey Andriyanovvs groups feature
2013-05-11  Aaron DummerrenderLocationPage(): display parent and child location...
2013-05-11  Aaron DummerrenderRackspace(): display parent locations (#845)
2013-05-11  Aaron DummerrenderSearchResults(): invalid result when only one...
2013-05-06  Aaron Dummerwhen mounting an object, list of racks was improperly...
2013-05-04  Aaron Dummerprevent deletion of object container compatibility...
2013-05-04  Aaron Dummerprevent deletion of system-level attribute mappings...
2013-05-04  Aaron DummerrenderVirtualResourcesSummary(): correctly display...
2013-05-04  Aaron DummerrenderVirtualResourcesSummary(): threw exception if...
2013-04-26  Alexey Andriyanovwide use of getOpLink, unified JS conf dialog
2013-04-25  Frank Spijkermannew feature: Rackcode filter for RDP-managed objects... 15/head
2013-04-22  Aleksey V. ZhukovSearch improvements
2013-04-09  Alexey AndriyanovUI: config editor changed a bit
2013-03-29  Denis OvsienkorenderVLANIPLinks(): add initialisation (#809)
2013-03-21  Alexander Balezinconfigurable nearest racks checkbox
2013-03-17  Aaron Dummersearching attributes of locations & racks didn't work...
2013-03-16  Peter Gervaiadd columns with IIF and OIF ID (#749)
2013-03-11  Alexey Andriyanovhighlight foreign VLANs on downlink ports
2013-03-04  Aaron DummerRevert "apply patch from Alexey new function clearObjec...
2013-03-04  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: negative push duration time in 802.1q
2013-03-03  Aaron Dummerapply patch from Alexey
2013-03-03  Alexey AndriyanovHTML mark-up: main table replaced with divs
2013-03-03  Denis Ovsienkoput some opening curly PHP braces to Allman style
2013-03-03  Denis Ovsienkorefine renderIndexItem()
2013-03-02  Aaron Dummerhide controls in cacti tab if user doesn't have permiss...
2013-03-02  Aaron Dummerprevent deletion of system-level attributes (#761)
2013-03-02  Aaron DummerrenderEditRackForm(): hide the delete icon if any atoms...
2013-03-02  Denis Ovsienkofix date/time attributes input processing (#719)
2013-02-28  Denis Ovsienkorefine if/else branching in formatAttributeValue()
2013-02-24  Aaron Dummerallow files to be linked to rows (#733)
2013-02-24  Aaron DummerdeleteLocation(): references to tags and files remained...
2013-02-22  Alexey AndriyanovrenderIPForObject: removed PHP notice (#759)
2013-02-16  Denis Ovsienkosuppress some table rows in renderLocationPage()
2013-02-07  Alexey Andriyanovhighlight wrong 802.1Q uplinks/downlinks
2013-01-14  Alexey Andriyanovfix: getBypassValue now returns binary IPs
2013-01-14  Alexey Andriyanovdynamic_title_decoder became cleaner
2013-01-12  Alexey Andriyanovfix prev. commit