r1708 + warn about HTTP, not HTTPs
[racktables] / install.php
2008-02-23  Denis Ovsienkor1708 + warn about HTTP, not HTTPs
2008-02-22  Denis Ovsienkor1706 + put LDAP lines in auto-generated config
2008-02-22  Denis Ovsienkor1705 + more fixes to make the installer look like...
2008-01-28  Denis Ovsienkor1609 + added a warning to the unfinished installer
2008-01-21  Denis Ovsienkor1592 + a little more done for the installer script
2008-01-19  Denis Ovsienkor1570 + further enhancements to the installer page
2008-01-15  Denis Ovsienkor1532 + redid the steps array
2008-01-09  Denis Ovsienkor1475 + HTTP installer draft (ticket:33)