r1352 + fix upgrade for MySQL-4
[racktables] / ChangeLog
1 0.14.7 2007-12-05
2 bugfix: provide better SQL dumps for new installations
3 bugfix: gateways/switchvlans minor updates
4 bugfix: logout link could fail sometimes
5 bugfix: avoid short PHP tags for better compatibility across
6 different PHP installations (reported by Tom Laermans)
7 bugfix: remove odd records from IPAddress once more
8 bugfix: fixed IPv4 address browsing for MySQL-4 DB
9 update: better attributes edit form by Aaron Dummer
10 update: numerous UI adjustments across all pages
11 update: new Dell, Foundry and Cisco records in the dictionary
12 new feature: more cisco models support in gateways/switchvlans
13 new feature: initial implementation of SNMP port data importer
14 new feature: UI configuration reset tab
15 new feature: initial reports code
16 0.14.6 2007-10-15
17 new feature: browser-side validation for a new IPv4 network
18 (contributed by Aaron Dummer)
19 new feature: logout link (same author)
20 new feature: key hint in dictionary browser
21 new feature: switch VLANs gateway with Cisco connector (others to come)
22 new feature: one more form for objects mass-creation
23 new feature: automatic database upgrades
24 bugfix: don't hide IPv4 address name for a free address
25 update: new stock values in dictionary chapters: server OS type,
26 PortType, switch models
27 update: make GigE default port type
28 update: configuration is now stored in the database
29 0.14.5 2007-03-08
30 bugfix: lots of adjustments to allow database be MySQL 4.0
31 0.14.4 2007-02-21
32 bugfix: provide proper SQL init files
33 bugfix: produce less PHP warnings
34 bugfix: corrected error messages
35 bugfix: don't fail on an empty database
36 bugfix: multi-object form works again
37 bugfix: fixed CSS errors
38 bugfix: don't list the same port more than once in pop-up list
39 bugfix: don't allow to ban admin access
40 0.14.3 2007-02-15
41 initial release