r1202 + all options have moved into the database
[racktables] / TODO
1- use printLog in assertion functions
2- use a separate flag for rail problems in RackObject
3- object deletion
4- rack picture attachments
5- bulk address reservation
6- helper to find unused addresses when binding them from object page
7- reports page:
8 - connected objects w/o rackspace
9 - objects of certain types w/o asset tag
10 - connected objects in distinct rack rows
11 - last history entries
12 - warranty expiration
13- bug: can't view/click on remote side in port list, if remote side is nameless
14- bug: cannot update port 'e4/4', if port 'e 4/4' exists
15- use user ID instead of username where possible
9c0b0016 16+ eliminate default_port_type
17- keep all configuration variables in a single array
18- check words usage before deletion from a chapter
19- bug: search function is called 4 times per 1 search (see functions.php)
20- bug: non-existent dictionary words result in empty selects. workaround: use left join
21- fixme: don't permit rack resize to cross non-free units
22+ FreeBSD in server OS chapter
23+ 1000Base-ZX, 10GBase-ER/LR/LRM/ZR/LX4/CX4/Kx into port type chapter
24+ KVM port type
25- objects auto-constructor
26- CDP parser
27- object teams
28- colo customer page
29- racks custom sort order
30- better tabindex in editRanges() HTML code
31- addRange: auto-replace '/' with <tab>