getLocationChildrenList: returned array should only include unique values
[racktables] / ChangeLog
0602fc27 10.20.8
e3854bf6 2 bugfix: syntax error in functions.php when using PHP prior to 5.3.0 (#1195)
e43b0f46 3 bugfix: properly format comment text for locations and racks
fefaa3f7 4 bugfix: the tab IP SLB/Load balancers displayed all the objects in system
f4c49386 5 bugfix: Native vlan on Huawei trunk ports no longer gets to the allowed vlans list
13ce08ae 6 bugfix: Data Integrity report hit memory limit
fc594663 7 update: allow connecting to a non-standard LDAP port (by Michał Sochoń)
b2d58c3a 80.20.7 2014-03-03
b99b4167 9 bugfix: IP tree expansion button was broken when MAX_UNFILTERED_ENTITIES was set
f30f3dfb 10 bugfix: fix URL detection bug introduced in bugfix to #1023 (#1103)
44277e87 11 bugfix: browse objects page was broken if an object's container was unnamed (#1115)
12 bugfix: some pages would not load because PHP's maximum execution time was
13 exceeded, caused by a circular reference in the location tree (#1123)
65542bd8 14 bugfix: do HTML escaping on error pages (reported by Lukas Reschke)
5eb81cf8 15 bugfix: logout link didn't work in some scenarios (#1129)
9e9a534b 16 bugfix: system functions for translating IPs were not used even being available
3a34f3bb 17 bugfix: Zero-U-mounted objects were not counted in rack summary
b4bc5582 18 bugfix: fix of sorting issue with national characters by Thomas Uhde (#837)
04682db0 19 bugfix: LLDP parser fixed for Huawei VRP 8.5
25355e1d 20 update: enable IP addressing for all object types unless specifically excluded
28133744 21 update: SNMP support for 3Com 4510G-24, Cisco SF302-08MP,
e8eb4301 22 Linksys SRW248G4 by Rafael Driutti,
44277e87 23 3Com 4200G 48-port (#1093), 5500G-EI 48-port (#1095) by Rainer Stumbaum,
fdc0f5fa 24 AT-GS950/24 (#1105), Cisco WS-C1924 (#1111), HP J4900B (#1107),
659ca0f3 25 J8692A & J9146A (#1143)
3a9ac8a4 26 update: add the data integrity report
f83c3fe9 27 update: duplicate IP allocations of all types except 'shared' are highlighted red
d18f2eaf 28 update: upgrade CodeMirror to version 3.22
d25bd3a1 29 update: include OEM S/N 1 in expirations report (by Matthew Castanien)
edb59cb5 30 update: display a datetime format hint for date attributes (#1051)
298893f9 31 update: display location tree in object breadcrumbs (#1125)
138655f5 32 update: allow rows to have properties (#1133)
ec788aba 33 update: objects with problems colored red on browse objects page (#1137)
e7b84015 34 update: use suggest-menu for tag assignment
c8c0fda8 35 update: show tag trace in tag title
82e18db9 36 update: spare IPv6 prefixes are limited to nibble boundary (#959)
8579b51b 37 update: button to fix non-canonical port names (#827)
79d8b05e 38 update: explicitly require PHP version 5.2.10 or newer (see #1139)
9603a3df 39 update: leave secret.php in a safer state upon install
ec788aba 40 new feature: add IPv4 natting for all protocols (#971) by Tim Wilkes/Mark Wilkinson
2f96a91a 41 new feature: display point-to-point peers when using new 'Point-to-point' IP allocation type
42 new feature: display rack power consumption as sum of mounted objects'
43 "max power" and "max current" attribute values (#701)
da6a128d 440.20.6 2013-11-29
17d3fb71 45 bugfix: "sshnokey" gateway had a bug
46 bugfix: SLB config was generated incrorrectly when multiple
47 rspools were linked with the same balancer-vsg pair
75ba92b3 48 bugfix: change blade orientation of Cisco 6509-V-E (#985)
88a92748 49 bugfix: default values of some LDAP options weren't being used
4dd785b7 50 bugfix: update of Cisco WS-C4948 SNMPsync port definitions (#977) by Mark Wilkinson
51 bugfix: jQuery.UI static files were not accessible (by Aleksandr Balezin)
52 bugfix: 404 response header for missing static files was incorrect (by Aleksandr Balezin)
4f3f1043 53 bugfix: IOS CLI prompt detection (#1033)
9d7c11b8 54 bugfix: SLB IP assignments were stored even if a balancer object was deleted
0004fcc1 55 bugfix: exception when searching for a alien IP address
cd933a95 56 bugfix: DB deadlocks in LDAP authentication when opening many tabs simultaneously
738c8cfd 57 bugfix: object searching and updating may fail (#1031)
359ea9f9 58 bugfix: strict standards message when managing locations or rows (#1065)
2dff8d2a 59 bugfix: ports of zero-U objects were not listed as candidates when linking ports (#917)
5a7bf292 60 bugfix: blade objects with problems should be colored red (#1071) by Mark Wilkinson
2dff8d2a 61 update: display friendlier message when attempting to NAT non-existent IP (#963)
d89632f6 62 update: support of Huawei CE5800 series switch
fd3ef4e7 63 update: mgmt link on FQDN (telnet, ssh, rdp) now supports any protocol (MGMT_PROTOS config var)
4925d49f 64 update: replace CodePress highlighter with CodeMirror (by Mark Jazmik)
66948bca 65 update: display links to newly created rows & locations (#883)
9f68b666 66 update: add collapse/expand feature to location filter (#901)
7b6ae79a 67 update: display location tree in breadcrumbs (#905)
adf8f3b1 68 update: display location parents in the rack list when mounting an object (#925)
64a973a7 69 update: display location parents in the row list when editing a rack (#993)
4dd785b7 70 update: sort by location and row name when mounting an object (#1021)
67cfe546 71 update: add a link to the View Rack page (#947)
be28528c 72 update: support blades of varying sizes in the same chassis (#923) by Mark Wilkinson
18ff3d26 73 update: add F5 VIPRION models to dictionary (#987)
d6d3dbea 74 update: SNMP support for Cisco ME-3400EG-2CS-A (#939), WS-C2960CG-8TC-L (#933),
49c4c086 75 WS-CBS3012-IBM/-I (#871), WS-C3560-8PC (#975), WS-C2950-12 (#973),
0dd3a784 76 WS-C2950G-24-DC (#981), WS-C3560GV2-48TS (#983), WS-C2950SX-24 (#991),
77 WS-C2960-8TC-L (#1063), HP ProCurve J9028B (#941), J9022A (#767),
78 Netgear GS724TP (#1001), TL-SL5428E (#1015),
79 Brocade TurboIron 24X (#1055) by Mark Wilkinson
28133744 80 3Com 4500 family of switches (#1083) by Rafael Driutti
ba093fed 81 Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS (#1049), Netgear FS726TP (#859) by Aaron Dummer
ad17e96e 82 update: port link popup now has asset no search field (#949) by Thomas Uhde
a4a88310 83 update: searches now examine 'dictionary' attributes (#1003)
e5d0bbc5 84 update: exclude some elements when printing to paper (#464)
9911aaa3 85 update: add resource pool info to the Virtual Resources cluster portlet (#915)
0a5fdbd4 86 update: remove the 'unmounted' autotag from objects inside a container (#1061)
42422859 87 update: virtual objects may use 'asset tag' and 'visible label' attributes (#1069)
cae81598 88 update: display all containers and mount points on list objects page (#1081)
89 update: cell filter pages display fast if no filters specified
90 (the MAX_UNFILTERED_ENTITIES config variable must be set)
8e021b86 91 update: port type could now be changed even if port is linked
d0f5a37f 92 new feature: bulk selection and deslection of object rackspace checkboxes by Matthew Kelch
d3d7d906 930.20.5 2013-06-23
94 bugfix: 500 server error if protocol was not specified in
95 terminal_settings subroutine
96 bugfix: Virtual Resources page threw exception if a hypervisor/resource pool
97 was not associated with a cluster (#823)
98 bugfix: contained objects were displayed without container's rackspace
99 allocation information (#825)
100 bugfix: when mounting an object, list of racks was improperly grouped if
101 duplicate row names existed (#839)
1001e83e 102 bugfix: invalid search result when only one location matched (#843)
103 bugfix: when there's no local account created while using LDAP auth,
104 quick links can't be saved on that account (#831)
efd8057e 105 bugfix: ip tree: "Routed by" column displays routers in aggregate networks (#773)
9e45d637 106 bugfix: UCS gateway was broken since 0.20.4
ec31de5b 107 bugfix: user-overrided config values were displayed in global config editor form
4a465d6a 108 bugfix: API: built-in hook functions were not called in 'before' and 'after' modes
2622aaf3 109 bugfix: Linux host's port status fetching was broken (#903)
9ab0d88e 110 bugfix: recognize unqualified hostnames in URLs (#1023)
d688a63f 111 update: search improvements:
6227fda2 112 - redirect to object when search by IP lead to valid allocation
113 - if search result is same type of object, preserve opened tab
114 - display search query in form field when search return multiple results
afc9eb75 115 - search for rack rows by name (#885)
116 update: handle EntityNotFoundException as redirect to main page and
117 show appropriate error message
f9fcce59 118 update: prevent deletion of system-level attribute mappings (#771)
119 update: prevent deletion of object container compatibility rules
120 which are being used (#835)
121 update: use the monospace font family when displaying comments (#781)
122 update: display parent locations when browsing rackspace (#845)
9c88bba9 123 update: add JavaScript to toggle children of Location filter tree (#841)
717a071a 124 update: display parent and child location(s) on View Location page (#847)
eda41675 125 update: display location drop-down list as a tree (#879)
6b816bde 126 update: change location filter form from GET to POST (#869)
84feb87b 127 update: display blades when rendering a rack (#745)
5644b08a 128 update: add Enterasys dictionary entries (#865)
129 update: SNMP support for Cisco 877 (#863), ISR 878 (#861), 4948E (#741),
130 WS-C2960S-24PS-L, WS-C2960S-F48LPS-L
131 update: tag names now can contain '+', '%', ':' characters,
132 can begin with '-' and end with '+', ':' characters.
de99667b 133 new feature: Rackcode filter for RDP-managed objects (#819)
134 new feature: grouping of Virtual services, generating of
135 virtual_server_group-aware keepalived configs
1338ab01 136 new feature: SAML groups and logout support (#867) by Thomas Powers
c19f1421 1370.20.4 2013-04-15
9f824874 138 bugfix: %GPASS% dictionary markers were ignored in selectboxes
44245b01 139 bugfix: 802.1Q: better Force10 switches support
cfc28da9 140 bugfix: 802.1Q: properly detect non-switched ports on Cisco NX-OS devices
141 bugfix: racks, vs, rspools were displayed in search results even if user had
142 no permissions to view them
143 bugfix: some dictionary items of Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches were renamed to
144 meet official Cisco classification (refer the release notes)
b9e46d42 145 bugfix: file upload failed in MySQL strict mode (#717)
c11df987 146 bugfix: bulk port creation failed with empty prefix
bdcbe914 147 bugfix: RS pool cloner was throwing an exception
a0a5ce54 148 bugfix: PHP notice displayed on object's IP tab (#759)
92b7c050 149 bugfix: sometimes racks could not be deleted (#757)
150 bugfix: references to tags and files remained when a location was deleted
151 (#747)
2a943f85 152 bugfix: date/time attributes handling code had a bug (#719)
b6f0eac1 153 bugfix: 802.1Q recalc button wasn't turning switch in out-of-sync state
3f61a116 154 bugfix: searching attributes of locations & racks didn't work (#787)
5c88f77c 155 bugfix: address a PHP warning (#809)
abc799c5 156 bugfix: release notes were not displayed during upgrade
2d42d249 157 update: vlan search results now include binded IP networks
e696bef6 158 update: make scaled rack thumb images sharp again
90cdae19 159 update: Cisco IOS 15.0 support
816c0ab8 160 update: LLDP support for Juniper and Cisco ASR devices
cfc28da9 161 update: 802.1Q: non-switched ports do not need 'none' template role any more
162 update: 802.1Q: misconfigured uplink/downlink ports are highlighed red on
163 '802.1Q Ports' tab
c13ecb48 164 update: assign IP addresses to objects whose type is Wireless (#755)
a5eaff9a 165 update: SNMP support for 3Com 4210 (#763), D-Link DES-3052 (#765),
166 Linksys SRW224G4 (#743), Huawei S2700-52P-EI, HP J9137A (#791),
167 Dell PowerConnect 2824 (#815)
6ccfd4bd 168 update: files may be linked to rows (#733)
d67d0cc8 169 update: prevent deletion of system-level attributes (#761)
fb64d7f7 170 update: hide controls in cacti tab if user doesn't have permission (#707)
fc0b81de 171 update: configuration editor displays variable names along with descriptions
172 new feature: configurable top-to-bottom units order in particular racks
173 (#601)
d7bc2390 174 new feature: overridable tag names display style (via CSS and plug-ins)
a7192a34 175 new feature: SAML is now supported, using SimpleSAMLphp API (#811)
ac111292 1760.20.3 2012-12-19
c521f913 177 bugfix: DB exception on ports linking (#699)
a5ca6ad2 1780.20.2 2012-12-19
7bc9ea31 179 bugfix: explicitly request Cacti RRA ID 1 (#466)
9b74a484 180 bugfix: improve UCS error handling
ce919b6e 181 bugfix: proper handling of VLAN 1 in Huawei VRP 5.7 802.1Q gateway
182 bugfix: database was corrupted after IPv4 networks creation on some PHP
183 versions (#643)
8120befe 184 bugfix: LivePTR erased comments when performing an import (#645)
f6943818 185 bugfix: NX-OS LLDP-fetching connection was sometimes hanged up prematurely
186 bugfix: list objects page threw exception if an object's container was
187 nameless (#661)
2b6b0038 188 bugfix: Invalid binary IP exceptions on certain IPs (#673, #675)
fec43c43 189 bugfix: list all VLANs of a network in tree view (#697)
88a55b7c 190 update: SLB: ability to specify multiple RS ports
cf8f2ac4 191 update: remove old gateways code, including Live VLANs
11e3af31 192 update: allow linking more than one VLAN from same domain per a network
74a06141 193 update: make 802.1Q port list offline management multi-port (#653)
194 update: SNMP support for Cisco WS-C2948 (#546), D-Link DGS-1210-24 (#629),
195 Motorola RFS4000 (#657)
8f6d4076 196 update: allow setting MySQL client buffer size (#659)
197 update: cut 'Quidway' word from Huawei switch dictionary items for unification
198 with newer products
cbf02a10 199 update: 802.1Q: treat connection errors as recoverable
6e58c2c4 200 new feature: abstract tags, which cannot be assigned (#577)
2c691f71 201 new feature: added support for munin graphs (#406) by Michael Holm
378329f1 2020.20.1 2012-10-04
fc3a6bd0 203 bugfix: restore D-Link (#533) and Linux (#541) gateway support
91fcd2c0 204 bugfix: IPv4 network capacity was not displayed on 32-bit machines (#602)
b2d7b820 205 bugfix: fixed infinite loop when creating default (/0) IP networks
5eb6f58b 206 bugfix: IPs in NAT rules were displayed incorrectly (#600)
6e5556bc 207 bugfix: delete Rack history when a Rack is deleted (#604)
ad3b8359 208 bugfix: Location attributes weren't being saved (#605)
c449a008 209 bugfix: duplicate names for Racks and Rows weren't allowed (#606)
d0d40671 210 bugfix: ports and IPs highlighting is kept after edit operation
b93a9557 211 bugfix: preserve page number after data importing on LivePTR tab (#421)
212 bugfix: 0.19.10 moved some HW models to a different dict chapter, update the
213 type of affected objects accordingly (#609)
03522bd8 214 bugfix: Tab "Live ports" is blank if network error occurs (#489)
289dc4e6 215 bugfix: renaming top-level tag is impossible (#621)
216 bugfix: IPv4 network capacity of fully-allocated parent range was shown
217 incorrectly (#611)
ec6af43e 218 update: confirmation boxes when clearing attribute values (#565)
219 update: log records containing long lines are now word-wrapped (#608) by
220 Stephen Groat
c4acc30b 221 update: SNMP support for HP J9020A (#619), HP J9280A (#615), TL-SG5426 (#590)
038739ac 222 new feature: IP addresses inherit tags from their parent networks (#375)
be91a564 223 new feature: initial Cisco UCS support
bd52497b 224 new feature: offline management of 802.1Q port list (#460)
14a9812c 225 new feature: multiple Cacti servers (#534)
58788831 2260.20.0 2012-09-09
227 bugfix: when long action takes place, other tabs in browser are functional now
228 bugfix: LLDP discovery was not working on some Cisco Nexus devices
229 update: LLDP: proper handling of Juniper MX neighbors for NX-OS and VRP
230 devices
231 update: LiveCDP, LiveLLDP: more accurate default interface type detection,
232 ability to overwrite the transceiver set on port, checkboxes are set by
233 default
76219ce2 234 bugfix: object portlist was not always sorted correctly
235 update: tag chains are now sorted by the root tags (e.g., your geo-tags will
236 always precede hw model tags or vice versa)
237 update: 802.1Q: config deploy to Cisco IOS switches is no more requiring
238 'switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q' pre-set
57ab9882 239 update: 802.1Q: deploy is performed per-port, respecting portname sort order.
76219ce2 240 Do not begin with the next port until the previous one is totally done.
241 update: 802.1Q: 'Non-switch devices' portlet in VLAN info page (displays
242 linked ports if their remotes have no 802.1Q orders)
243 update: 802.1Q switch templates became one of "generic" realms (you can assign
244 tags to them)
245 update: ability to remove 802.1Q VLAN from every port it belongs to in order
246 to delete this VLAN
247 update: convert racks and rows into objects (database change only, no visible
248 differences)
249 new feature: support for mounting object without specifying units (zero-U,
250 #173)
76219ce2 251 update: ability to manually reorder racks in row (#370)
252 update: ability to delete IP prefixes, VLANs, Virtual services and RS pools on
253 their Properties tab
254 update: display a link to just created IP network/VS/RS pool entity in
255 creation success message
256 update: new config var SEARCH_DOMAINS to control the annoying FQDN-search
257 feature introduced by 0.19.3
258 update: cable ids for links could be edited through AJAX
259 new feature: adjustable quick links at the top of the page, logo removed
260 update: support for performing DB upgrades from a console using contrib code
261 (#556) by Hannes Georg
76219ce2 262 update: in CLI mode the error and warning messages are echoed to stderr
263 update: SNMP support for Cisco SF/SG 300s (#507, #594), 2651XM (#526),
264 WS-CE500-24TT (#511), WS-CE500G-12TC (#512), WS-C3550-24 (#525), 3Com 4200G
265 (#342), Dell PowerConnect 3348, 3448, 3548, 5224, 5324, 54xx, 6024F, 6224,
266 6224F (#383, #390, #427, #502), HP ProCurve 6600-48G-4XG (#522), 2650, 2900,
8fe7aefe 267 Netgear FS750T2 (#479), Juniper EX3200-48T (#510), Linksys SRW2048 (#350)
268 update: handle wide-band WDM transceivers
269 new feature: Force10 OSv8, Arista EOS and Marvell ROS switches support
270 new feature: SLB feature was rewritten (configuration macro processor, IPv6
271 SLB, fwmark services, RS pool cloning added)
272 update: significant part of IP-related code was rewritten for clarity,
273 unification and extendability. Visible changes are:
274 - IP tree rendering speed has been increased
275 - IP tree filtering does not affect child networks of the filtered ones
276 - In "do not show IPv4 usage" mode the network usage is available by click
277 through AJAX
278 - Each arrow aside backtrace element in IP net pages is now click-able to
279 display IP subtree
280 - Clicking on 'IP space' link in navigation bar from within IP net page
281 resets saved filter
76219ce2 282 - VLAN numbers in IP tree are rendered below CIDR, no more dedicated column
283 - Auto scroll-down is performed when clicking on 'expand IP tree element'
284 button
285 - Row highlight color became nicer
286 - 'knights' support for IPv6
287 - IP log (allocation history) support
288 - new IP allocation form offers the most popular allocation type
289 - 'collapse all' link in IP tree
290 - v4 net usage progress bar displays both allocated and unallocated spaces
291 - '$spare_XX' and '$aggregate' autotags (to filter nets based on the size of
292 available spare subnetworks)
76219ce2 293 - '$vlan_XX' autotags added to ipv4net/ipv6net cells
294 - '$masklen_ge_XX' and '$masklen_le_XX' autotags removed from 'ipv4net'
295 cells
296 - IPV4_TREE_RTR_AS_CELL config variable has another state 'none' (see
297 release notes)
298 - Object's 'IPv4' and 'IPv6' tabs were merged into single 'IP' tab
299 - added comment field to IP addresses (#555)
300 - create network and link it to a VLAN at once
301 new feature: you can obtain who has made tag assignment, object's ports or
302 IPv4 address changes by hovering cursor on these entities
303 new feature: locations: you can document objects' locations by creating
304 special container objects and put other objects/rows into them
305 new feature: API: plugin installation is as simple as copying a file into
306 plugins/ dir (see release notes)
307 new feature: API: you can selectively override the default static content by
308 specifying the $local_staticdir global var
309 new feature: API: ability to redefine/override internal RackTables functions
310 (hooks introduced)
76219ce2 311 new feature: API: chaining of custom ophandlers, tabhandlers, hookhandlers
312 new feature: API: gateway engine was rewritten. Ability to set up different
313 connection protocols, properties and credentials using flexible filtering
314 (see release notes)
3160.19.14 2012-09-02
36922d4f 317 update: Port linker selects nearest rack by default (#562) by Hannes Georg
318 update: SNMP support for Cisco 2960-24TC-L (#554), 2924M-XL (#582), 3560E-12SD
319 (#564), ProCurves (#558), Allied Telesyn AT9924T (#581)
eb8637f0 320 update: fix for LongReachEthernet interfaces (#589)
36922d4f 321 bugfix: file upload error handler by Hannes Georg
322 update: do not display edit box for an attribute unless user has permissions
323 to update it
b55f913c 324 update: SQL index tweak by Hannes Georg (#586)
70d6c4fd 325 update: improve Dictionary unique constraint (#593)
7cf0bc68 3260.19.13 2012-06-28
6f6c2474 327 update: IE spoils JPEG uploads, work around
71eb9d50 328 update: use is_callable() (#551)
14ad4f4a 329 update: tag filter is always on the right side (#484)
0ec44a91 330 update: more config variables can be overriden per user
4ad6a10c 331 bugfix: IPV4_AUTO_RELEASE config var was not working since 0.19.11
b09a8280 332 bugfix: containers weren't displayed properly on the list objects page (#547)
333 bugfix: 'FUNCTION * does not exist' SQL errors when upgrading 0.19.11 ->
334 0.19.12
d9e88bd9 335 bugfix: displaying of 802.1Q ports tab could take too long
0916659a 336 bugfix: upgrade from 0.18.8 caused fatal errors till session expiration (#506)
86ff26ae 337 new feature: new attribute type "date" by James Cohen
cc8c4500 3380.19.12 2012-04-12
b5700329 339 bugfix: Could not delete objects' log entries
cc8c4500 340 new feature: initial D-Link and Linux gateway support by Ilya Evseev
56a0bd8c 341 new feature: helpdesk banner
b6556a7a 342 new feature: non-anonymous LDAP search (#442) by Hannes Georg
0fa5c4fc 343 new feature: hardware warranty report by Ernest Shaffer
b4e5f241 344 update: 8021q and portinfo support for NX-OS 6.0
faa027d6 345 update: serial console servers by Boris
833583b5 346 update: 40GbE and 100GbE port types
cc8c4500 347 update: improved install/upgrade procedures
ad15eed6 3480.19.11 2012-02-26
56e12d08 349 bugfix: IP address reservation release on allocation works again
5f2354ce 350 bugfix: SNMP did not work for Netgear
9a377178 351 bugfix: Cacti integration improvements (#466)
ca6b041b 352 bugfix: Could not delete objects' log entries
78e4bfd6 353 bugfix: hovering over a mounted object displayed incorrect child data (#498)
4d7c0c70 354 bugfix: links which include username/password weren't parsed correctly (#400)
7d68a0fb 355 bugfix: resolve attribute FK issue introduced in 0.19.7
92cfa92a 356 bugfix: SNMP discovery of APC PDUs returned error (#504)
7587edca 357 bugfix: catch errors when uploading files (#420)
358 update: list of virtual object types is now maintained as a Config setting
359 (#488)
360 update: when an object is contained within another, display the parent's
361 rackspace allocation info when viewing the child (#432)
362 update: added the 'Slot number' attribute to object types which may be mounted
363 in a blade chassis (#474)
bd0bfb76 364 update: added an 'Uncheck all' button to the rackspace allocation page (#490)
365 update: ability to change cable ID without deleting & re-adding the link
366 (#457)
367 update: vertically position racks to the bottom of the row instead of the
368 center (#469)
369 update: SNMP support for WS-C2960-48TC-L (#499), Fortinet Fortigate 310B
370 (#374), ProCurves (#501, #503), Arista 7124S (#505)
371 update: allow duplicate 'router' IP assignments without warning to accommodate
372 VRRP (#419, by Tyler J. Wagner)
326dc167 373 update: change display name of unnamed objects to "[$objtype]" (#487)
9e906292 374 update: suppress fiber connector specifics again
375 update: ability to delete IP prefixes from within its properties tab
376 update: adding and deleting forms of IP prefixes are separated
473dd02e 377 update: improved support of Nexus switches (#500)
70eb43a2 378 update: LivePTR now ignores auto-reserved network & broadcast addresses (#425)
877bc172 379 update: VLAN-to-ipnet bindings are now displayed in net cells
2f9a653f 380 new feature: TLS LDAP option by Nick Hilliard
fa7634c7 381 new feature: SVG dispatcher module
1e7403d6 3820.19.10 2011-10-17
f57bb8f5 383 bugfix: LivePorts MAC address lister was broken with Huawei S5300 V100R006
384 bugfix: SNMP sync was broken when one of default attributes was removed from
385 certain object type
f5cedbfe 386 update: improve SNMP coverage
047d6ee5 387 update: justify the difference between SNMP versions (by Boris Lytochkin)
e7333dab 388 update: IE spoils PNG uploads, work around (#468)
9b646039 389 update: handle IPv4 auto-addresses better (#418)
559f11e7 390 update: port-aware MySQL server config in installer (#471)
f57bb8f5 3910.19.9 2011-09-01
5c0bd7de 392 bugfix: a hotfix for Cacti feature
393 bugfix: disabled highlighting text editor in Google Chrome and Safari (closes
394 #455, #462)
5c0bd7de 395 update: dismiss HNDP support
43c13cab 396 update: markup IPv6 subnet-router on request (by Jens Weibler)
fd8de939 397 update: dismiss connector specifics of optical Ethernet ports
5c0bd7de 3980.19.8 2011-08-28
c7968df3 399 update: switch to InnoDB completely
84916fc8 400 bugfix: dictionary chapter rename did not work
dd223d1a 401 bugfix: searching for IPv6 address by its description caused an error
7b2a1a90 402 bugfix: SNMP for PDUs (#458)
3aca495a 403 update: ER DWDM channel grid
76ae4ac3 404 update: use of AJAX in tag tree editor tab (by Alex Noskov)
405 new feature: integrated Cacti Graphs if you have the cURL extension for PHP
406 loaded (#306, by Jonathan Thurman)
86eaaa67 4070.19.7 2011-07-31
408 update: add SNMP support for several more switches
409 update: improve consistency of stored attribute data (#449)
5ff48cad 410 bugfix: wikilinks (#435, by Stefan Himpich)
4110.19.6 2011-07-02
412 bugfix: port linker was not working (#446)
413 bugfix: PHP warning messages appeared when searching (#443)
414 bugfix: VM selector popup was not working (#447)
c0004914 4150.19.5 2011-06-29
555ebc6d 416 bugfix: dictionary record updates did not work (#430)
417 bugfix: fix 802.1Q for XOS12
418 bugfix: don't fail on a read-only connection accessing a file
419 bugfix: pencil editor cell resizing issues
420 bugfix: remember last tab function fixed
421 bugfix: DB schema upgrade procedure handles SQL errors correctly
9bce2cce 422 update: better eDirectory support by Walery Wysotsky
e1486971 423 update: add new port type for VMs and virtual switches (by Aaron Dummer)
424 update: SNMP support for C2960-48TC-S
425 update: improve handling of malformed navigation structures
426 update: improve caching of object attributes data
427 update: {$runs_8021Q} works for IPv4/IPv6 networks
428 update: list new wireless APs
429 update: restrict search results according to user's permissions
6a4339ed 430 update: make link cable IDs searchable
53471d01 431 update: set default timeouts for LDAP cache
432 update: ability to search a remote port while linking ports together and to
433 resolve port type conflicts in-place
b6f2ad56 434 new feature: attribute-level access control for objects
435 new feature: ability to open a terminal session to a device by clicking on its
436 FQDN
437 new feature: inverting tags on cell filter pages by clicking the checkboxes
438 with Ctrl key
73556d6c 4390.19.4 2011-04-14
e0abe1a1 440 bugfix: tag selector was not working with magic_quotes enabled
441 update: new techniques of changing the directory layout are now supported by
442 installer and upgrader
5abfc834 443 bugfix: in-place editing of unallocated IPv4 address was not working
444 bugfix: wrong calculation of total IPv4 address count in networks with spare
445 blocks (by Jens Rosenboom)
f1c32f33 446 bugfix: VST editor: unsaved regexps were sometimes undesirably modified
03d86c03 4470.19.3 2011-04-05
448 update: when searching for object by its hostname (FQDN attr) and single match
449 is found, no searching by other fields is done
450 update: introduce "{$vlan_NNNN}" autotag to convoy both {$fromvlan_NNNN} and
451 {$tovlan_NNNN}
452 update: remove extraneous barcode column header from 'add objects' form (by
453 Tyler J. Wagner)
67255897 454 update: refresh dictionary record groups (by Michael C Tiernan)
455 update: in-place AJAX editing of reservation comments on object ports and IP
456 addresses
3825c4db 457 update: restore object type changer
6d2cc13e 458 bugfix: handle SQL remnants of bug 399/415
459 bugfix: magic_quotes-eliminating code was broken (e.g. VST editor was not
460 working with PHP's magic_quotes enabled)
461 update: 802.1q: if something goes wrong and RT is going to remove needed VLANs
462 from port, now it's more likely to firstly remove management VLAN, keeping
463 the others working
464 bugfix: in default installation RT was not able to find its own gateways
465 directory
00b7cb13 4660.19.2 2011-03-24
8d6c3668 467 new feature: JunOS10 802.1q gateway
1b2db3f7 468 bugfix: port linking was broken for some users due to open PDO cursor (#413)
d269906f 469 bugfix: Permissions code editor was broken with Google Chrome
f701420b 470 update: new DB table indexes speeding up IP tree operations
0abae5fb 471 update: tolerate user-visible newlines in secret.php and local.php
4197a2b7 472 update: ability to delete a file entity from the Edit tab of the File page
ae67fa11 473 update: 802.1q: links to switchports allowing the vlan added in page Vlan info
474 update: 802.1q: a diff between new and former VLAN packs appears in 802.1q
475 port config if the config is complicated
476 update: 802.1q: improved compatibility with Cisco IOS 12 devices (the case of
477 switchports with default configuration)
ae67fa11 478 update: new object types: power supply chassis, power supply (#409)
9d708711 479 new feature: Cisco NX-OS v4, v5 LLDP gateway
ebf5533b 480 bugfix: VRP linkstatus gateway now properly handles port-channels
481 update: LiveCDP, LiveLLDP, etc: ability to install tranceivers into ports
482 in-place, while linking the ports
e610e9d5 483 bugfix: LiveLLDP now supports 'local' port type with Huawei VRP v5 devices
377d7303 4840.19.1 2011-02-22
485 update: UI: rack lists are now reduced by common tags with object on Rackspace
486 tab (FILTER_RACKLIST_BY_TAGS config var)
487 update: 802.1q: If switch has IP interface in some VLAN linked to IP subnet,
488 this VLAN is not pruned from switch's uplink
489 bugfix: on some platforms search for exact object name returned empty result
490 (#391)
491 bugfix: adding object throw "Same type, same tags" was broken since 0.19.0
492 (#394)
d24c6741 493 bugfix: IPv6 functionality was not working with PHP prior to 5.2 (#396)
494 bugfix: change Config.varvalue column type to accommodate contents > 255
495 characters (#397)
06ac80a3 496 bugfix: delete container relationships when an object is deleted (#398)
58f694d4 497 bugfix: SQL syntax error in some versions of MySQL+PDO
c3eb96dd 498 bugfix: image caching was broken with some browsers
782ad4cd 499 bugfix: finalize ObjectLog merge (#392)
cd292ce7 500 bugfix: fix barcode migration code, PDO concurrent query issue (#402)
841a5b54 5010.19.0 2011-02-12
502 new feature: IPv6 support, except of LivePTR, NAT and SLB functionality (by
503 Alexey Andriyanov)
504 new feature: cable ID column for links (#328, by Giovani Zamboni and Jens
505 Weibler)
8228bdb4 506 new feature: SNMPv3 support (#379, by Jens Weibler)
eb51ceff 507 new feature: 802.1Q template copier
4cbb5c27 508 new feature: merge "objectlog" extension (by Ernest Shaffer)
509 new feature: add support for "container" objects to handle blades, VMs, etc.
510 (by Aaron Dummer)
511 new feature: syncdomain.php now can create child processes to speed up 802.1Q
512 sync
513 new feature: UI: live switchport info (port config, link status, learned mac
514 list) showed inline on any object tab
515 bugfix: the feature of remembering last opened tab of realm page is now
516 working
79b57b18 517 bugfix: UI: pager in ipv4net shows appropriate page when IP is highlighted
518 bugfix: create IPv4 network button, if pressed to open in a new window, was
519 redirecting the parent window, too
520 bugfix: when searching for IP not belonging to any known network, the ugly
521 assertion failed page was shown.
971619ad 522 bugfix: prevent invalid port links (#363, by Aaron Dummer)
523 bugfix: the 'Refcnt' counter on Configuration: Dictionary page was sometimes
524 broken (closes mantis:0000381)
525 update: cache image files thumbnails and make them JPEGs (#369, by Matt Mills)
526 update: enhance rackspace click helpers (by Jeroen Benda)
527 update: object type cannot be changed after the object is created
528 update: drop barcode column (by Aaron Dummer)
529 update: UI: ports/IPs/nets highlighting enhancements
521cd29a 530 update: links to ports added to object search results
8afe7548 531 update: custom search results provided by users' plugins now supported
532 update: Huawei VRP 5.70 pseudo-interactive telnet support (fixes multiple
533 problems caused by fast commands post through netcat)
534 update: selective including of JS and CSS files. No more unneeded js code
535 loaded.
536 update: 802.1Q template editor now supports single-submit edit and concerns
537 concurrent submits
08408472 538 update: new API for dispaying messages (showError, showWarning, showSuccess)
539 update: dictionary attribute values with external links are formatted
540 differently to distinguish the filter and external info links
45ff9012 541 update: UI: ability to clear object ports list at one blow
841a5b54 5420.18.7 2011-02-09
453c8fb8 543 bugfix: adjust 802.1Q command generation
89bf5458 544 bugfix: fixed telnet session hanging in NX-OS4 connector
85940649 545 bugfix: adjust installer check for mysqlnd
377dd0c4 5460.18.6 2010-11-26
547 bugfix: draw administrator's attention to missing LDAP extension (by Matt
548 Mills)
87615093 549 bugfix: minor issues on LiveCDP/LLDP tab
6c32c3ff 550 update: SNMP data for FastIron LS (#357)
4191d7ab 551 update: upon deleting 802.1Q order record focus SELECTs on the deleted values
075ba7a5 552 bugfix: SQL error issue on some versions of PHP introduced in 0.18.5
553 new feature: 802.1Q: ability to recalculate the switch uplinks and downlinks
554 by pressing a button on 8021q ports page
c6181618 555 bugfix: when clearing object, allowed VLANs are also cleared now
3b9429ee 5560.18.5 2010-10-25
d5add09a 557 bugfix: attribute map editor was broken (#353)
e625fbb6 558 bugfix: speed up IPv4 VLAN selector (by Boris Lytochkin)
8bc0c045 559 bugfix: suppress inputs borders in MSIE (by Alexey Andrianov)
560 bugfix: handle locking failure in LDAP caching code
561 bugfix: enable deletion of initialized 802.1Q switch
bdbb99f2 562 bugfix: justify table alignment in rack view (#367)
abd1e9ac 563 bugfix: recognize Nexus portchannel interfaces in 802.1Q
9e214652 564 update: allow scrollbars in port selector (#361)
565 update: make IPv4 utilization bar a standard element (by Alexey Andrianov)
566 update: make 802.1Q VLANs searchable
567 update: another round of SNMP enhancements
568 update: tag "quick list" redesign (by Alexey Andrianov)
569 update: disable knight button for a filtered IPv4 tree view
0e75eb8d 570 update: initial support of VRP version 5.70
21d40daa 571 new feature: enable IMS caching of progress bars (by Alexey Andrianov)
572 new feature: rebuild tag filter as soon as user changes it (by Alexey
573 Andrianov)
574 new feature: default SLB configuration lines stored in DB (by Alexey
575 Andrianov)
1f54e1ba 576 new feature: {$attr_X_Y} autotags (by Alexey Andrianov)
577 new feature: action "reset object" deleting it's non-hardware properties
578 (Boris Lytochkin)
1ebbf889 579 new feature: LLDP neighbour support on Cisco IOS switches (by Boris Lytochkin)
580 new feature: Links added for displaying object lists filtered by dictionary
581 keys (Alexey Andrianov)
93bf12fb 582 bugfix: fixed an issue with LiveCDP remote device names of Nexus switches
583 update: users could set MAX_UNFILTERED_ENTITIES cfg var to suppress display of
584 entire entity sets before filters are applied (Alexey Andrianov)
585 update: objects' ports are now sorted by module numbers in all tabs
586 update: LiveCDP page: some bugs removed, user interface improvements
1c5b7c84 5870.18.4 2010-07-13
bb09f49c 588 bugfix: a race condition could be triggered in permissions editor
ec523868 589 new feature: "any mode" of user port in VLAN switch template
e11d4936 590 new feature: LLDP support for VRP 5.50 software
591 update: improved error handling code
592 update: fixes in 802.1Q
f6d1a7cc 5930.18.3 2010-06-15
bbd417bd 594 bugfix: fix mktemp not working on Slackware (by Rafael Ganascim)
b7aae1c1 595 bugfix: Nexus 802.1Q fixes
6a044c2c 596 bugfix: fix incorrect quoting of port reservation comment
ffd829af 597 new feature: "Live CDP" now works with Nexus devices
0328f6d6 598 new feature: Huawei NDP support
98cc6bd8 5990.18.2 2010-06-10
0c714908 600 bugfix: don't restore last opened tab, which won't be permitted anyway
742ee563 601 update: completely switch to PDO prepared queries (#120)
b504972c 602 update: don't allow duplicate rack row names (#344)
d70bc0f6 603 new feature: Live LLDP
0bdd968c 6040.18.1 2010-06-03
4eeadb79 605 update: initial SNMP support of Summit switches
b591ac21 606 update: switch from deprecated ereg extension to PCRE (#262)
bd6caa3f 607 update: don't use deprecated magic_quoes extension (#315)
dc1ff5c3 608 update: switch more tables to InnoDB engine
c7c7ed8e 609 update: removed dependency on SPL extension, which 0.18.0 had introduced
1a228714 6100.18.0 2010-05-27
611 new feature: Live CDP (#58)
612 new feature: 802.1Q management (#182, original idea by Justin Ellison)
341f3f69 6130.17.11 2010-06-14
0269decf 614 update: usual SNMP updates
a1fc539a 615 update: Bulk port form (#321)
a048e8fc 616 update: 2960G-8TC SNMP patch by Jonathan Stanton
e537c33b 617 bugfix: updateObject() saves DB records for dict values when not set. (#273)
ca92dc40 618 bugfix: argument validation was broken for value of 0 (#272)
2093caf3 619 bugfix: "Add/update multiple ports" did not work (#326)
2b5a8c1b 620 bugfix: "bulk ports" form added more ports, than requested (#340)
f3e20104 621 bugfix: improve compatibility with eDirectory (by Joep van Ingen)
65b6a2ee 622 bugfix: static filter was hard to reset (#343)
b90b8f43 6230.17.10 2010-05-05
9d535a0c 624 update: make object form messages consistent (by Tyler J. Wagner)
bbeb64fd 625 update: sort object ports in a more reasonable manner
3a7bdcc6 626 update: enable class methods as handlers (by James Tutton)
f32167d2 627 update: better support of Huawei S5300 switches
945e15a7 628 update: better support of Brocade/Foundry FastIron switches
d7466acb 629 update: also list WS-C3524-XL (#320)
dcfa87d7 630 update: better support of Nexus switches
8a0bcd79 631 update: maintain filter per page load and isolated per realm (#217)
84fb61a2 632 bugfix: ldap cache timestamp fix (#332)
750d26d2 633 bugfix: completely fix ticket:211
878512c6 634 bugfix: declare charset in HTTP header (#312)
ea17c8b9 635 bugfix: PHP warning with certain auth setups (#310)
facd0235 636 bugfix: don't add AC-in port for switches, which don't have it (#316)
6a845dce 637 bugfix: accept MAC addresses returned by newer Catalysts
d3dcdfbb 638 bugfix: IPv4 management page was sometimes broken (#309)
fa9c9050 6390.17.9 2010-02-17
d0dcc153 640 new feature: added per-user UI options (ticket:29)
8b6d88df 641 new feature: LDAP cache can be disabled now (ticket:247)
e22f9600 642 bugfix: error message was lost on SNMP tab (reported by Tommi Hokkanen)
a5430e53 643 bugfix: expand/collapse links on IPv4 tree view (ticket:308)
7e87a291 644 bugfix: local.php did not work with SNMP
645 bugfix: added error handling to gateway function (ticket:303)
646 bugfix: user's local real name was ignored with LDAP (ticket:252)
7e87a291 647 update: SNMP support for more Catalyst switches
0c7688d4 6480.17.8 2009-12-25
65235e02 649 bugfix: triggers disable tabs completely now (ticket:211)
f2f86015 650 bugfix: properly delete objects with linked ports (ticket:300)
3e576410 651 bugfix: completely remove warnings caused by ticket:277 (by Jason Lifsey)
a310dd80 652 update: restore PortCompat editor functionality (ticket:263)
4b680876 653 update: don't show inacessible links in index (by Jeroen Benda)
7f487cab 654 update: consider permitted VLANs in switchvlans (#302 by Boris Lytochkin)
ad9da675 655 update: regular dictionary update
8b6d88df 656 bugfix: ajax code verifier response code bugfix
6570.17.7 2009-11-09
658 bugfix: work around unbuffered query in ports pop-up (ticket:297)
659 update: add inline mode switcher by Jens Groh (ticket:298)
f008ff99 6600.17.6 2009-10-31
63811a09 661 update: voice/video devices
d915ad2b 662 bugfix: PHP warning
357eb2ea 663 bugfix: escaping of a newly created IPv4 network name (ticket:292)
790a60e8 664 bugfix: generate URLs more friendly for reverse proxies (ticket:246)
cd3775e9 665 new feature: "proximity" view in port selector popup (ticket:284)
5d6de575 666 new feature: "$no_asset_tag" autotag (ticket:283)
bdc91a5c 6670.17.5 2009-09-16
859d52fd 668 bugfix: corrected reference counters in tag tree
588b2b79 669 bugfix: "cn" autotag was not generated for objects
670 new feature: make text in the "added new object X" message clickable
671 (ticket:280) (by Boris Lytochkin)
3e42a392 672 new feature: support for Ethernet transceivers (ticket:64) and WDM grids
219ac656 673 new feature: initial support of APC switched rack PDUs (ticket:175)
2803fbe6 674 update: power port type was split into input and output (ticket:261)
e49d8a77 6750.17.4 2009-08-13
f1e27fe5 676 bugfix: remove PHP warnings on IPv4 space management tab (ticket:277)
afdb3cf5 677 bugfix: work around array_fill_keys() from PHP 5.2 (ticket:278)
4d87feaf 678 bugfix: delete real servers on RS pool deletion (ticket:233)
665a2540 679 bugfix: "Same type, same tags" form was broken (ticket:279)
cafd4cf3 680 update: add more InnoDB foreign keys
f1b5f68d 681 update: also search object ports by label text
e49d8a77 6820.17.3 2009-08-08
5fd2a004 683 update: even better search function (ticket:20)
f857f71f 684 update: suggest tag selector for new files and users (ticket:205)
f44fdef9 685 update: "multiple ports" form is now hidden by default (ticket:274)
9e51318b 686 new feature: tags quick list on "Tags" tab (ticket:259)
376432ec 687 bugfix: removed PHP warnings on "Rackspace" tab
d2c69e08 688 bugfix: rack row removal sometimes failed (by Marcin Suchocki)
c9edf725 689 bugfix: improve usage counters for IPv4 networks
f857f71f 690 bugfix: make ADDNEW_AT_TOP options really work everywhere (ticket:213)
0df8c52b 691 bugfix: authorize file preview as a download (ticket:241)
a5efc857 692 bugfix: dictionary stats report didn't work correctly
f7bd644b 6930.17.2 2009-07-22
49b605d9 694 new feature: configure default SNMP community (by jthurman)
695 new feature: "$untagged", "$portless", "$nameless" and "$masklen_OP_NN"
696 autotags
f06fe423 697 new feature: knight button in IPv4 tree
323edbbf 698 new feature: searching by attribute value or port reservation comment
0a50efb4 699 update: show appropriate message, if a record cannot be found
700 update: add Cisco dictionary entry for WS-CBS3030-DEL. closes ticket 225 (by
701 jthurman)
702 update: add OS, router, fibre switch dictionary entries for ticket 238 (by
703 Aaron)
d516d719 704 update: allow variations of FC WWN as an L2 address (by killsystem)
029a14bc 705 update: port L2 address can be reused on the same object
948666cc 706 update: same port name can be repeated for an object with different types
f537da2f 707 update: added comment field for IPv4 networks
7c605f70 708 update: NetApp records (by Sander Klein)
f2c54a7c 709 update: APC records (by Ray Robertson)
51f15ac7 710 bugfix: do not produce PHP warning on LivePTR tab
bb438b4d 711 bugfix: wrong port type set for WS-C2950-24. closes ticket 229 (by jthurman)
712 bugfix: improved IOS detection and fixed a logic error. closes ticket 232 (by
713 jthurman)
714 bugfix: user account autotags were not generated under certain conditions
715 (reported by Jason Hamilton)
29c3a4d8 716 bugfix: correctly remove tags, when deleting files
717 bugfix: switchvlans failed on "%" or "~" character in port name (by Boris
718 Lytochkin)
f06fe423 719 bugfix: search failed, when only one RS pool was found for request
43d0585d 720 bugfix: large images could not be rendered often due to memory limit hit
721 new feature: rackspace tab is shown only if there is at least one rack
722 in the system. Closes ticket 234.
3ea5b2b3 7230.17.1 2009-06-03
5008a167 724 bugfix: tags were not displayed on "File" page
4bb95650 725 bugfix: multiline comment for an added file was stored incorrectly
35fa7d6d 726 bugfix: user's displayed name was sometimes lost with LDAP auth
a395fdad 727 bugfix: rackspace rows highlightling was broken in previous release
a40abdfc 728 bugfix: IPv4 address picker window was broken
729 bugfix: string value "0" was incorrectly handled, when displaying or entering
730 data
e97e8866 731 bugfix: rackspace allocation history recording did not work in 0.17.0
6a117fff 732 bugfix: boolean expressions parsing in RackCode now honours priorities
33bbd712 733 bugfix: upgrade script could fail sometimes
d57c6e44 734 update: removed unused database index
ee24f313 7350.17.0 2009-05-20
e1ae3fb4 736 new feature: file attachments (by Aaron)
52b34485 737 new feature: ability to delete objects (by Aaron)
dc9ea133 738 new feature: external "httpd" user authentication
739 new feature: validator in RackCode editor
740 new feature: vendor sieve for stickers
a0527aef 741 new feature: RackCode expressions as source for load balancer lists
d488506b 742 new feature: wireless hardware in dictionary
f5883ec1 743 new feature: "racks per row" option (by Frank Brodbeck)
9133d2c5 744 new feature: LDAP cache
c21e3cd5 745 update: display row name when listing objects. closes ticket 16 (by Aaron)
746 update: ability to manage rows from the Rackspace page in addition to the
747 Dictionary (by Aaron)
748 update: allow port type to be changed if it isn't linked. closes ticket 137
749 (by Aaron)
750 update: add network security chapter and dictionary entries. closes ticket
751 148 (by Aaron)
752 update: add HP and Juniper dictionary entries. closes tickets 145 and 165 (by
753 Aaron)
754 update: combined two forms on object properties page into one. closes tickets
755 36 and 87 (by Aaron)
4034ab9e 756 update: display and edit the dictionary chapter by chapter (ticket:151)
79b8ad1e 757 update: 'enabled' user acount flag was dropped
ee24f313 758 update: switchvlans gateway has been updated
d3372430 759 update: RackTables installation is now done only through install.php
2985f9d2 760 update: records for F5 hardware
93bdb7ba 761 update: don't require HASH extension any more
529eac25 762 update: rack thumb dimensions aren't configured any more
f6f7c8b2 763 update: SNMP code for Nexus and HP switches (with help from killsystem)
ee24f313 764 update: tag filter has been completely rewritten
765 bugfix: show error message if snmp module isn't loaded. closes ticket 43 (by
766 Aaron)
767 bugfix: fixed IIS-specific issues with accessing via HTTP or from docroot
768 (reported by Sean Brown)
ee24f313 7690.16.6 2009-01-12
770 bugfix: it was possible to access the system as any existing
771 LDAP user w/o his password (reported by Igor Shishkin)
7720.16.5 2008-12-23
773 bugfix: suppress several meaningless PHP warnings
774 bugfix: better handle IPv4 addresses w/o a covering prefix
775 bugfix: show error message for duplicate IPv4 network record
776 update: IPv4 calculations were optimized for better speed
777 update: resolved performance issue for systems with many L2 ports
778 update: enable username handling in Cisco switch connector
779 update: introduce icons for routers and SLB
780 new feature: IPv4 tree expand/collapse switch
781 new feature: IPV4_TREE_SHOW_USAGE option controls IPv4 performance
e375277b 7820.16.4 2008-11-04
3ddc9569 783 bugfix: display VS/RS config block in RS pool view
e375277b 784 bugfix: resolve tabindex issues in many forms
51332e78 785 bugfix: NAT rules were not displayed for IP address
f74d96c6 786 bugfix: less PHP warnings
ea62d9dc 787 update: enable user search by real name
e4b9a099 788 update: allow empty names for IPv4 networks
789 update: refactor snmp.php to support Cisco 3032, 3750, 4506 switches
790 (by Aaron, w/data & testing from Luis Fernando Lacayo and Ray Robertson)
791 update: add SNMP discovery support for Cisco 2950-24 (patch by Russ, ticket
792 177)
9900a515 7930.16.3 2008-10-02
05693a83 794 new feature: tell line number for lexical and syntax errors
795 new feature: CodePress editor enables line numbers and syntax
796 highlightling for RackCode editing
948c37e3 797 new feature: one more input format for RS manager
52837ce6 798 new feature: standalone RackCode report with warnings
f85f4db0 799 new feature: unified IPv4 address tree
800 bugfix: tags are now properly displayed for users
801 bugfix: the JavaScript error isn't generated any more (fix by Aaron)
fb7a4967 802 bugfix: tag tree is now always correctly sorted
b62ff880 803 bugfix: fix a typo in NAT rules displaying code (pointed out by Piotr Nowacki)
029563a4 804 bugfix: error message was broken in the installer (reported by Thomas Thep)
d36af96d 805 bugfix: IPv4 network check sometimes failed to detect duplicate networks
f5e48a49 806 bugfix: lexical scanner could mistakenly fail in some rare cases
f85f4db0 807 bugfix: drop DB index mistakenly introduced in 0.16.1
5671b60f 8080.16.2 2008-08-21
6ef9683b 809 bugfix: IP address picker was broken
52c836b1 810 bugfix: more message processing fixes
5fc57c5b 811 bugfix: work around some NET-SNMP builds (reported by Walery Wysotsky)
812 bugfix: some characters in password could break user access
813 bugfix: pre-assigned tags didn't work for racks
814 bugfix: tag roller could produce incorrect tag chains sometimes
c030232f 815 new feature: "router" addresses allocations
5671b60f 816 new feature: support for local extensions and reports
8c3bd904 817 new feature: LDAP username to UID mapping by Walery Wysotsky
f0ed1181 818 new feature: extended IPv4 view mode (enabled by default)
819 new feature: tag roller now processes objects in racks too
820 new feature: start cutting off excessively long strings on the generated pages
069c186f 821 update: 3 more switches in SNMP code by Walery Wysotsky
5671b60f 822 update: added a missing DB index (Aaron Dummer's advice)
3dd72e34 823 update: "slbconfig" gateway has been replaced by "sendfile"
5671b60f 824 update: more detailed tag report
825 update: "virtual" addresses are now "loopback" and "regular" became
826 "connected"
827 update: "placeholders" are now "spacers"
828 update: more records were put into the demo data
8290.16.1 2008-07-30
830 new feature: pre-assigned tags for new VS and RS pools records
4a6a28f1 831 new feature: cache RackCode parse tree for better performance
8b4876a5 832 new feature: display tags inline for IPv4 and SLB data
b0348307 833 new feature: optionally remember the last tab for each page
b614498d 834 bugfix: don't escape Greek letters to enable them in tag names
3a2cb4d6 835 bugfix: port manager messages were incorrect
ebb5441d 836 bugfix: shorten URLs to enable longer message logs
d4a608ca 837 bugfix: added missing index to database
4a6a28f1 838 update: adjusted database for bigger texts
839 update: better "origin" highlighting for browsing
840 update: merged Petr Kohts' highlight patch
8608b285 841 update: better tags in demo data
d6608c8a 8420.16.0 2008-07-09
eb6ea26f 843 new feature: tag roller
844 new feature: taggable user accounts
845 new feature: RackCode configuration
846 new feature: "my account" page
847 update: page layout fixes and improvements
a69250c8 848 update: dictionary updates
9d45712a 8490.15.1 2008-06-05
6dc745d2 850 bugfix: fix auth headers in upgrade script (broken in 0.15.0)
559fb205 851 new feature: fetch switch serial number via SNMP (by killsystem)
50b4ba85 852 new feature: adding multiple racks
3861eef6 853 new feature: IP address reservation release on allocation
9d45712a 854 updates: user interface cleanups and improvements
10c7e8cc 8550.15.0 2008-05-10
3d5eaad3 856 new feature: tags
9e7f32a7 857 new feature: automatic option groups
2dd59b15 858 new feature: rendered links in dictionary view
859 new feature: trunk support in switchvlans gateway
860 new feature: Tango icon set
861 update: added Force10, NETGEAR, D-Link, 3Com and Extreme Networks
862 switches, Raisecom MUXes, updated Cisco routers
d8515eff 863 update: async port type has been split
3526c7c6 864 update: don't allow duplicate rack names in one row
d5d5443f 865 update: internal help system has been dropped
866 update: SSV format for RS import
867 bugfix: handle "routed" switch ports
9814a868 868 bugfix: make switchvlans gateway work on Linux
c1c5e923 8690.14.12 2008-02-29
7e7a8387 870 new feature: default value for RS inservice status
47ee2b5a 871 new feature: AutoPorts feature
96aefdb0 872 new feature: HTTP installer
a477e405 873 new feature: default object type
7a4e8287 874 new feature: UTF-8 support
e74809af 875 bugfix: router HW type list was broken
876 update: added Aten KVM switches and consoles
877 update: added Tainet MUXes
878 update: updated HP servers
ecedeb0b 8790.14.11 2008-02-15
f4d511df 880 bugfix: rackspace allocation was broken by magic_quotes fix
3cc24579 881 bugfix: don't generate error messages by accessing _GET array
b422aee6 882 bugfix: thumbs cache wasn't updated in rare cases
75aa085b 883 bugfix: LivePTR: fixed warnings, tabindex, name reset and color markup
884 update: KVM port type has been split (see wiki page)
885 update: Avocent KVM switches, RAD and Cronyx multiplexers
de8a9a05 8860.14.10 2008-02-01
9d479d56 887 bugfix: avoid hitting GET limit on object and rack update
ca1fec24 888 bugfix: sticker reset icon did not work sometimes
bb26a59e 889 bugfix: don't fail rendering an empty rack row
f187f2ec 890 bugfix: rack operations were broken in 0.14.9
99ee5479 891 bugfix: upgrade script didn't authenticate users properly
03eb5209 892 new feature: LDAP authentication
893 new feature: borrow URL detection from Mantis BTS (suggested by Joakim
894 Kasimir)
03eb5209 895 new feature: Live PTR tab for DNS sync
4b8d413e 896 new feature: rack population threshold for rackspace allocation
144d29fb 8970.14.9 2008-01-30
cf48742e 898 bugfix: upgrade to 0.14.8 broke IPv4 prefix creation
0a7136d4 899 bugfix: more DB cleanups
cdc8ff71 900 bugfix: SNMP didn't work properly for C4948 ports
93e02204 901 bugfix: rowspan attribute was computed incorrectly sometimes
a23c4823 902 bugfix: protect referenced dictionary records from deletion
1f86e996 903 bugfix: config reset was wrong for default port type
f1dfa768 904 bugfix: fixed incorrect string escaping caused by PHP magic_quotes
905 update: Live VLANs color legend now distinguishes between 1 and 0
906 MAC addresses on a port
52c3543f 907 update: fixed tabindex in NATv4 rules form
95d80773 908 update: better dictionary editor layout
64db81c8 909 update: get FQDN over SNMP
351d4dbf 910 update: accept one more multiport format
c13cd4cb 911 update: help pages have been removed
912 new feature: more information for rack view
913 new feature: rack thumbnails caching
444365ef 914 new feature: rackspace and IPv4 subnets utilization indicator
a2e6dd1f 915 new feature: IPv4 and NATv4 tabs are now context-dependent
c13cd4cb 916 new feature: initial SLB management, keepalived support
80a40611 9170.14.8 2007-12-22
dce5a9e7 918 bugfix: adjusted hardcoded values in VLAN trigger
434fce37 919 bugfix: adjusted HW, SW and port types in SNMP data collector
d4da71b6 920 bugfix: Cisco connector: tolerate switch ports in suspended state
db389b79 921 bugfix: nameless object in link list could not be clicked
ba1c6d42 922 bugfix: fix SQL tables structure
8c7a0e37 923 bugfix: Live VLANs displayed VLANs missing from switch table improperly
7bf342fd 924 bugfix: sort auth data by username
436605a7 925 bugfix: NATv4 rules were added incorrectly
992d2ec2 926 update: corrected some dictionary entries
a684aa6f 927 update: better layout for Live VLANs tab
1db97c25 928 update: better logo
b332c9c3 929 update: stick with GPL version 2, not any later version
a6305acc 930 new feature: UI option to control asset tag warning
c8b74094 931 new feature: UUID (RFC4122) sticker
80c37f85 932 new feature: empty rackspace detector
4af079fe 933 new feature: initial wiki-style markup support in dictionary
8a60bcf0 9340.14.7 2007-12-05
935 bugfix: provide better SQL dumps for new installations
936 bugfix: gateways/switchvlans minor updates
e66edad9 937 bugfix: logout link could fail sometimes
938 bugfix: avoid short PHP tags for better compatibility across
939 different PHP installations (reported by Tom Laermans)
940 bugfix: remove odd records from IPAddress once more
941 bugfix: fixed IPv4 address browsing for MySQL-4 DB
0dfb8a2a 942 update: better attributes edit form by Aaron Dummer
6f550c2e 943 update: numerous UI adjustments across all pages
e0b740c0 944 update: new Dell, Foundry and Cisco records in the dictionary
b07f617c 945 new feature: more cisco models support in gateways/switchvlans
570ee778 946 new feature: initial implementation of SNMP port data importer
8a60bcf0 947 new feature: UI configuration reset tab
da95280e 948 new feature: initial reports code
121bf58d 9490.14.6 2007-10-15
950 new feature: browser-side validation for a new IPv4 network
951 (contributed by Aaron Dummer)
952 new feature: logout link (same author)
cfadde04 953 new feature: key hint in dictionary browser
084b01dd 954 new feature: switch VLANs gateway with Cisco connector (others to come)
94c80dd7 955 new feature: one more form for objects mass-creation
b2a88a58 956 new feature: automatic database upgrades
e673ee24 957 bugfix: don't hide IPv4 address name for a free address
958 update: new stock values in dictionary chapters: server OS type,
959 PortType, switch models
60f08541 960 update: make GigE default port type
9c0b0016 961 update: configuration is now stored in the database
9620.14.5 2007-03-08
963 bugfix: lots of adjustments to allow database be MySQL 4.0
9640.14.4 2007-02-21
965 bugfix: provide proper SQL init files
966 bugfix: produce less PHP warnings
967 bugfix: corrected error messages
968 bugfix: don't fail on an empty database
969 bugfix: multi-object form works again
970 bugfix: fixed CSS errors
971 bugfix: don't list the same port more than once in pop-up list
972 bugfix: don't allow to ban admin access
9730.14.3 2007-02-15
974 initial release