2014-05-14  xornetbugfix: Native vlan on Huawei trunk ports no longer...
2014-05-13  Denis Ovsienkoupdate 1000Base-LX10 and add 1000Base-EX
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkoreplace addIIFOIFCompat() with tableHandler()
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkoadd more 40G and 100G standards
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkosimplify argument of getPortIIFStats()
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkoadjust TD alignment in dictionary chapter tables
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkomove port OIFs from dictionary to a separate table
2014-05-09  Denis Ovsienkoupdate comment for git instead of Subversion
2014-05-09  Denis Ovsienkoadjust icons in renderEditAttributesForm()
2014-05-08  Denis Ovsienkointroduce getPortOIFOptions()
2014-05-08  Denis Ovsienkotrim argument of l2addressForDatabase() (#1215)
2014-05-06  Denis Ovsienkoupdate copyright years
2014-05-06  Denis Ovsienkoimprove handling of image generation errors
2014-05-05  Denis Ovsienkoadd .gitattributes for git-archive
2014-05-05  Denis Ovsienkoadd some Dell switches
2014-05-05  Denis Ovsienkojustify page title handling
2014-05-04  adoom42Merge pull request #62 from 00willo/dict-patch1
2014-05-04  Graham WilliamsonFixed indent and id number
2014-05-01  Graham WilliamsonAdd items to dictionary
2014-04-25  Graham Williamsonupdate Juniper EX switches in dictionary
2014-04-23  Ray RobertsonUpdate dictionary.php
2014-04-21  Aaron Dummerexplicitly require PHP version 5.3.0 or newer
2014-04-20  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'fixes-0.20.x'
2014-04-20  Alexey Andriyanovstring_insert_hrefs: fix PHP<5.3.0 incompatibility
2014-04-20  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: renderCellList: $celllist was ignored
2014-04-20  Michał SochońUpdate README with nginx and php5-fpm conf
2014-04-20  Denis Ovsienkofinalize the previous change
2014-04-20  Michał SochońUpdate auth.php with LDAP option to specify port
2014-04-20  Alex BrettFix UI reset after MGMT_PROTOS change in 0.20.6
2014-04-20  Denis Ovsienkoimprove previous commit: also fix locations
2014-04-20  Denis Ovsienkobugfix: properly format comment text for racks
2014-04-20  Denis Ovsienkoomit password hash values from HTML
2014-04-20  Alexey AndriyanovshortenIfName: don't lowercase "AC-in" port
2014-04-20  Alexey Andriyanovincrease wrt_vlans field length in DB VST rule
2014-04-20  Alexey Andriyanovnew {$client_x.x.x.x} auto tag
2014-04-01  Michał SochońUpdate README with nginx and php5-fpm conf
2014-04-01  Denis Ovsienkofinalize the previous change
2014-03-31  Michał SochońUpdate auth.php with LDAP option to specify port
2014-03-28  Alex BrettFix UI reset after MGMT_PROTOS change in 0.20.6
2014-03-26  Denis Ovsienkoimprove previous commit: also fix locations
2014-03-26  Denis Ovsienkobugfix: properly format comment text for racks
2014-03-25  Denis Ovsienkoadd a couple new Pica8 switches
2014-03-20  Denis Ovsienkoomit password hash values from HTML
2014-03-06  Alexey AndriyanovcallScript: wrong exit code bugfix
2014-03-06  Alexey AndriyanovAPI to retrieve the newly created entity ID
2014-03-06  Alexey AndriyanovcallScript: export child resourse via global var
2014-03-04  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'syncdomain'
2014-03-04  Alexey AndriyanovSNMP support for Cisco 2960X-24PS-L, 2960X-24PD-L
2014-03-04  Alexey AndriyanovshortenIfName: don't lowercase "AC-in" port
2014-03-03  Alexey Andriyanov0.20.7: cut the release
2014-03-02  Alexey Andriyanovsyncdomain: use flock, not file existence
2014-02-28  Aleksandr Balezinadd Cisco Wireless Controller
2014-02-27  Denis Ovsienkomention the minimum PHP version in release notes
2014-02-27  Denis Ovsienkoadd CentOS 5 notes to README
2014-02-26  Denis Ovsienkouse array_fetch() in doSwitchSNMPmining()
2014-02-25  Aaron Dummerfix Cisco 6509-VE blade orientation (#985)
2014-02-25  Aaron Dummerfix some F5 dictionary entries (#987)
2014-02-25  Denis Ovsienkoleave secret.php in a safer state upon install
2014-02-24  Denis Ovsienkoget_pseudo_file(): use for(), not hardcoding
2014-02-24  Denis Ovsienkorequire PHP version 5.2.10 or newer
2014-02-24  Denis Ovsienkoapply RackTables-specific changes to CodeMirror
2014-02-24  Denis Ovsienkoupgrade CodeMirror from 3.20 to 3.22
2014-02-24  Denis Ovsienkorevert to pristine CodeMirror-3.20
2014-02-22  Denis Ovsienkodictionary: list RHEL version 7 (#1177)
2014-02-18  Alexey Andriyanovdictionary item for Cisco IOS 15.2
2014-02-18  Alexey Andriyanovfix copy-paste bugs in some ophandlers
2014-02-18  Alexey AndriyanovgetRenderedIPv4NetCapacity: missing key access fix
2014-02-18  Alexey AndriyanovqueryLDAPServer: suppress possible PHP notice
2014-02-14  Alexey AndriyanovvrpReadLLDPStatus: vrp85 was not working
2014-02-10  Alexey Andriyanovnew dictionary item Cisco 2960X*
2014-02-10  Alexey AndriyanovisInnoDBSupported: fix failed upgrade reentrance
2014-02-10  Thomas UhdeFix for http://bugs.racktables.org/view.php?id=837
2014-02-10  Alexey Andriyanovdisplay rack power consumption (#701)
2014-02-10  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: include Zero-U into ['mountedObjects']
2014-02-10  Alexey Andriyanovbutton to fix non-canonical port names (#827)
2014-02-07  Alexey Andriyanovspare IPv6 prefixes are limited to nibble boundary
2014-02-06  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #54 from gescheit/master
2014-02-05  Aleksandr Balezinbugfix: remove class only if tagInput defined
2014-02-01  Aaron Dummeradd dictionary entries
2014-02-01  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for J8692A (#1143)
2014-02-01  Aaron Dummeradd SNMP support for J9146A (#1143)
2014-01-28  Alexey AndriyanovSLB fix: RS server's rsport field was lost
2014-01-28  Alexey Andriyanovfix ip4_parse, ip6_parse
2014-01-27  Alexey Andriyanovnew 'point2point' IP alloc type
2014-01-27  Alexey Andriyanovnew library call makeIPAllocLink()
2014-01-27  Alexey Andriyanovclarify object's IP allocations rendering
2014-01-27  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: is_inet_avail() was broken
2014-01-21  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: wrong port order
2014-01-21  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: switches stucked in 'disabled' queue
2014-01-18  Aaron DummerrenderInterfaceHTML: utilize invalid credentials in...
2014-01-18  Aaron Dummerallow Rows to have attributes (#1133)
2014-01-18  Aaron DummerrenderDepot: objects with problems are colored red...
2014-01-17  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #53 from gescheit/suggest
2014-01-17  Alexey Andriyanovtags picker: fix the A-tag's style inheriting
2014-01-17  Alexey Andriyanovtags picker: fix dynamic CSS issue
2014-01-17  Alexey Andriyanovtags picker release notes
2014-01-17  Alexey Andriyanovfix ponentially harmful foreach => &$ref
2014-01-17  Alexey AndriyanovserializeTags: include the tag itself into trace
2014-01-16  Denis Ovsienkoremove stale comments
2014-01-16  Denis Ovsienkojustify IAE -> IRAE conversion