fix opspec for "cables-heaps-upd"
[racktables-incomplete-works] / wwwroot / inc / ophandlers.php
2014-06-05  Denis Ovsienkofix opspec for "cables-heaps-upd"
2014-06-03  Denis Ovsienkonew feature: patch cables accounting
2014-05-22  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: duplicate rows in TagStorage for racks
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkoreplace addIIFOIFCompat() with tableHandler()
2014-05-10  Denis Ovsienkomove port OIFs from dictionary to a separate table
2014-04-20  Alexey AndriyanovMerge branch 'fixes-0.20.x'
2014-04-20  Alex BrettFix UI reset after MGMT_PROTOS change in 0.20.6
2014-04-20  Denis Ovsienkoomit password hash values from HTML
2014-03-28  Alex BrettFix UI reset after MGMT_PROTOS change in 0.20.6
2014-03-20  Denis Ovsienkoomit password hash values from HTML
2014-03-06  Alexey AndriyanovAPI to retrieve the newly created entity ID
2014-02-18  Alexey Andriyanovfix copy-paste bugs in some ophandlers
2014-02-10  Alexey Andriyanovbutton to fix non-canonical port names (#827)
2014-01-18  Aaron Dummerallow Rows to have attributes (#1133)
2014-01-17  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #53 from gescheit/suggest
2014-01-16  Denis Ovsienkorefine VLAN compound key assertion checks
2014-01-11  Aleksandr Balezintag picker with autocompletion
2014-01-04  adoom42Merge pull request #47 from MWilkinson/BUG_971_v2
2014-01-04  Tim WilkesUpdate to add static NAT translations to the IPv4 addre...
2013-12-30  Aaron Dummersome pages would not load because PHP's maximum executi...
2013-12-16  Denis Ovsienkofactor array_fetch() out
2013-12-14  Denis Ovsienkofix some space-indented lines with tabs
2013-12-10  Aaron Dummerrestore the FileLink table
2013-12-06  Denis Ovsienkorefine some wording
2013-12-04  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: invalid assumptions about related type
2013-11-30  adoom42Merge pull request #48 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-30  Aaron Dummerdrop the FileLink table, use EntityLink instead
2013-11-29  Aaron Dummeralter IPV4OBJ_LISTSRC to apply to all object types...
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanovdont return showError* result from ophandlers
2013-11-22  adoom42Merge pull request #43 from rafaeldriutti/master
2013-11-21  Denis Ovsienkoremove unused config variable PORTS_PER_ROW
2013-11-18  adoom42Merge pull request #45 from MWilkinson/SNMP_1063
2013-11-18  Denis OvsienkoRevert "add support for one-to-many port links, and...
2013-11-16  Aaron DummerrenderAddMultipleObjectsForm: merge physical and virtua...
2013-10-17  Alexey AndriyanovSLBv2: protection from duplicating SLB links
2013-07-20  Aaron Dummerdisplay links to newly created rows & locations (#883)
2013-07-16  Aaron Dummeradd support for one-to-many port links, and cable path...
2013-07-15  Alexey Andriyanov802.1Q DB functions return affected ports count
2013-06-14  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: exception when no checkboxes are selected
2013-05-20  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: vsg: foreign keys forbid correct configs
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovfix exception on saving per-user vars (#831)
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovvsg deletion
2013-05-19  Alexey Andriyanovvsg creation form
2013-05-14  Alexey Andriyanovremoved markupObjectProblems func
2013-05-13  Alexey Andriyanovvs groups feature
2013-04-25  Frank Spijkermannew feature: Rackcode filter for RDP-managed objects...
2013-03-21  Alexander Balezinconfigurable nearest racks checkbox
2013-03-02  Denis Ovsienkofix date/time attributes input processing (#719)
2013-02-24  Aaron DummerdeleteLocation(): references to tags and files remained...
2013-02-23  Denis Ovsienkoaddress some rack deletion issues (#757)
2013-02-16  Alexey AndriyanovRS pool cloner was throwing an exception
2013-02-16  Alexey Andriyanovbulk port creation failed with empty prefix
2013-01-16  Alexey AndriyanovupdVSTRule: dont call json_decode twice
2013-01-11  Denis Ovsienkouse mkA() in ophandlers.php and slb-interface.php
2012-12-23  Alexey Andriyanovconfigurable top-to-bottom units order (#601)
2012-11-04  Denis Ovsienkoenable multi-port offline changes to 802.1Q ports
2012-11-03  Denis Ovsienkoextend network-domain 802.1Q constraint by VLAN ID
2012-10-27  Aaron DummerLivePTR erased comments when performing an import ...
2012-10-23  Michael HolmAdded munin support as of the cacti integration.
2012-10-22  Michael HolmAdded some code cleanup.
2012-10-22  Alexey AndriyanovIP PTR import ophandler changed slightly
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoremove old gateways code
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkoimplement abstract tags (#577)
2012-10-04  Alexey AndriyanovresetUIConfig: fix objtype id in IPV4OBJ_LISTSRC
2012-10-03  Alexey Andriyanovremoved unintended escaping of $ char
2012-09-28  Alexey Andriyanovmake 'pg' parameter bypassed on ipv4net page
2012-09-22  Denis Ovsienkoimplement multiple Cacti servers (#534)
2012-09-19  Aaron DummerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-17  Jeff Silbermanjustify service profile setup for UCS ComputeBlade
2012-09-17  Denis Ovsienkoimplement offline mgmt of 802.1Q port list (#460)
2012-09-17  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: paging reset in LivePTR (#421)
2012-09-16  Aaron Dummerbugfix: Location attributes weren't being saved (#605)
2012-09-13  Aaron Dummeradd a new 'management interface' object type
2012-09-13  Jeff Silbermaninitial support for Cisco UCS
2012-09-09  Alexey Andriyanovchanged default values of some cfg vars
2012-09-08  Aaron Dummerfix checkObjectNameUniqueness() to work for all object...
2012-09-03  Denis Ovsienkoresolve a PHP warning in resolve8021QConflicts()
2012-09-02  Aaron DummerupdateObject() - reference table as Object instead...
2012-08-27  Denis Ovsienkoupdate Dictionary unique constraint (#593)
2012-08-27  Denis Ovsienkoreplace 9 ophandlers with opspec entries
2012-08-27  Denis Ovsienkointroduce "fix_argname" type of opspec column
2012-08-27  Denis Ovsienkosplit tableHandler() into two functions
2012-08-24  Alexey Andriyanovremoved unused func linkPortForObject
2012-08-24  Denis Ovsienkofix a few issues with address comment field
2012-08-09  Alexey Andriyanovnew config var SEARCH_DOMAINS
2012-07-28  Aaron DummerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-28  Aaron Dummerability to manually sort racks (#370)
2012-07-26  Alexey Andriyanovnew port comptatibility map API
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradded comment field to IPv[4|6]Address tables (#555)
2012-06-04  Alexey Andriyanovr5096 bugfix: Manage locations tab was not working
2012-06-03  Aaron Dummerr5094 Add support for locations. Upgrading from 0...
2012-05-14  Alexey Andriyanovr5083 commitUpdateVS: vport argument is not mandatory...
2012-05-04  Alexey Andriyanovr5077 update: more config variables can be overriden...
2012-04-27  Denis Ovsienkor5067 merge r5065, take 2
2012-04-27  Denis Ovsienkor5066 merge "[T]" attributes into trunk (r5064, r5065)
2012-04-16  Alexey Andriyanovr5050 bugfix: IPV4_AUTO_RELEASE config var was not...
2012-04-15  Denis Ovsienkor5048 fix addRack() to generate messages consistently
2012-04-08  Alexey Andriyanovr5037 IPv6 SLB support
2012-04-05  Alexey Andriyanovr5026 ability to delete RS pool from rs pool page,...
2012-03-23  Denis Ovsienkor5018 restore message codes in tableHandler() (fixes...