2021-01-01  Denis Ovsienkoadd initial configuration for Travis CI master
2021-01-01  Denis Ovsienkoupdate the footer for 2021
2020-10-05  Denis OvsienkoRackTables 0.21.5 is out and on demo
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2020-09-04  Denis Ovsienkofix remaining XHTML errors in index.php
2020-08-14  Denis Ovsienkofixup a closing </P> in about.php
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2020-08-14  Denis OvsienkoLose a stray </DIV>.
2020-08-14  Denis OvsienkoCapitalize "RackTables" properly.
2020-08-01  Denis OvsienkoLose closing PHP tags, use require, add newlines.
2020-04-21  Denis Ovsienkosimplify and update team.php
2020-01-04  Denis Ovsienkoupdate the footer for 2020
2019-12-23  Denis Ovsienkoremove a defunct Google marker file
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkothe demo runs 0.21.4 now
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkoset 0.21.4 as the latest release
2019-11-17  Denis Ovsienkoadd a download stats button to the footer
2019-09-15  Denis Ovsienkoget rid of Google Analytics JS
2019-06-12  Denis Ovsienkoset 0.21.3 as the latest release
2019-05-13  Denis Ovsienkoreplace some passive voice
2019-03-25  Denis Ovsienkothe demo runs 0.21.2 now
2019-03-25  Denis Ovsienkoset 0.21.2 as the latest release
2019-03-25  Denis Ovsienkoupdate the footer for 2019
2019-03-04  Denis Ovsienkouse HTTPS for the source code mirror
2019-01-20  Denis Ovsienkoremove Alexey
2019-01-08  Denis Ovsienkoclean up some HTML
2018-12-18  Denis Ovsienkoupdate sitemap.xml
2018-09-18  Denis Ovsienkoshow Travis CI badge for the master branch
2018-06-01  Denis Ovsienkoupdate the footer for 2018
2018-06-01  Denis Ovsienkofix some punctuation
2018-06-01  Denis Ovsienkoremove the link to the LinkedIn group
2018-05-26  Denis OvsienkoFreeLists implements GDPR
2017-12-28  Denis Ovsienkodo not expose the git files on the server
2017-10-22  Denis Ovsienkothe demo runs 0.21.1 now
2017-10-05  Denis Ovsienkothe demo runs 0.21.0 now
2017-10-05  Denis Ovsienkothe demo runs 0.20.14 now
2017-10-01  Denis Ovsienkosave the change made for 0.20.14
2017-08-03  Denis Ovsienkoupdate responsibilities in team.php
2017-05-15  Denis Ovsienkosave changes made for 0.20.13
2017-03-14  Denis Ovsienkoput www.racktables.org under version control