2019-08-11  Lars VogdtNew version 0.4.0 of the reports plugin 39/head
2019-06-12  Denis Ovsienkoadd the roadmap .dia file for 2019Q2
2019-03-31  Denis Ovsienkosave patch_cords.dia
2019-03-25  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.21.2.sql
2019-01-07  Denis Ovsienkoadd a 72*27 logo for gitweb
2018-11-28  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update after RackTables commit cc4e11b
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: eliminate an unused parameter
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update for inverseRackUnit() changes
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update for getObjectClass() changes
2018-11-14  Denis Ovsienkostop using niftyString()
2018-08-23  Michael C Tiernanadd a MySQL schema diagram for RackTables
2018-07-20  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2018-06-28  Denis Ovsienkoremove more PHP closing tags
2018-06-27  phgrauMerge pull request #36 from infrastation/full_row_view
2018-06-26  Mahomed Husseinadd support for tag colours, improve layout 36/head
2018-06-21  Denis OvsienkoLinkManagement: add   and remove extra TDs 35/head
2018-06-21  Mahomed HusseinLinkManagement: add optional port list extension
2018-06-21  Denis OvsienkoLinkManagement: use defineIfNotDefined()
2018-06-21  Mahomed HusseinLinkManagement: make container info optional
2018-06-15  Denis Ovsienkomail_expirations.php: add MAILEXPR_DAYS_BEHIND
2018-06-15  Denis Ovsienkoswitch mail_expirations.php to UNIX newlines
2018-04-24  phgrauMerge pull request #34 from bpothier/patch-3
2018-04-16  BrianUpdate full_row_view.php 34/head
2017-10-22  Denis Ovsienkoamend the previous commit
2017-10-22  Denis Ovsienkodemo: simplify demoreload.sh
2017-10-22  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.21.1.sql
2017-10-05  Denis Ovsienkofixup the previous commit
2017-10-05  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.21.0.sql
2017-10-05  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.20.14.sql
2017-08-19  github138Change Mail Address
2017-08-19  github138Change Mail Address
2017-08-19  github138Change Mail Address
2017-08-11  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view.php: provide the custom CSS inline
2017-08-02  Denis Ovsienkoremove some PHP closing tags
2017-07-31  Alberto Avaiadd a tag roller for objects (Mantis #1777)
2017-07-20  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #32 from jeroenvermeulen/patch-1
2017-07-20  Jeroen VermeulenAuto-filling object values on create or update. 32/head
2017-07-04  Denis Ovsienkooptimize LinkManagement a little
2017-06-23  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: improve some use of CSS
2017-06-05  Denis Ovsienkoextensions: do not modify error_reporting
2017-05-22  Denis Ovsienkolocal_copy_object.php: add a missing definition
2017-05-17  Denis Ovsienkoadd the .dia file for the new roadmap
2017-05-15  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.20.13.sql
2017-05-09  github138add shortenIfName()
2017-05-09  github138fix include path for symlinked installations
2017-05-08  github138linkmgmt needs at least RT 0.20.11
2017-05-08  github138auto scroll after unlinking port
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoAdd files via upload
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoDelete not.gif
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoAdd files via upload
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoDelete not.gif
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoAdd files via upload
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoDelete ni_not.gif
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoAdd files via upload
2017-04-24  Lucas AimarettoDelete not.gif
2017-04-21  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #30 from hickey/master
2017-04-21  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #29 from skilsara/zabbix
2017-04-20  Gerard HickeyRelease of grains plugin to racktables-contribs 30/head
2017-04-17  Kirill SkilsaraAdded Zabbix Plugin for RackTables 29/head
2017-03-11  Denis Ovsienkosave some .xcf source files
2017-03-08  Matt KlichFacter enhancements (#28)
2017-03-01  Denis Ovsienkodemo: remove support for versions 0.16.x~0.19.x
2017-02-15  Denis Ovsienkoadd init-full-0.20.12.sql
2017-02-12  Denis OvsienkoImport the IP history plugin from the demo server.
2017-02-08  Denis Ovsienkodemoreload.sh: add a workaround for NO_ZERO_DATE
2017-02-01  Denis Ovsienkoupdate mail_expirations.php for 0.20.11
2017-01-24  Lucas AimarettoMerge pull request #27 from bpothier/patch-2
2017-01-21  BrianUpdate graph.php 27/head
2017-01-18  Lucas AimarettoUpdate draw_topo_24_estable.py
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate graph.php
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoMerge pull request #26 from RackTables/0.24
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate draw_topo_24_estable.py 26/head
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoCreate gstyle.css
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoUpdate graph.php
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoDelete draw_topology.py
2017-01-17  Lucas AimarettoCreate draw_topo_24_estable.py
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoMerge pull request #25 from RackTables/v0.23.0
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme 25/head
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoUpdate graph.php
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoRename draw_topology_0.22.0.py to draw_topology.py
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoAdd files via upload
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoCreate graph.php
2017-01-14  Lucas AimarettoUpdate draw_topology_0.22.0.py
2016-08-01  Cvetomir DenchevUpdate nagios.php 24/head
2016-07-27  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2016-07-27  Lucas AimarettoCreate draw_topology_0.22.0.py
2016-07-27  Lucas AimarettoCreate readme
2016-07-15  github138add trigger python-topologies
2016-07-15  github138remove class portlist
2016-07-13  github138remove most portlist class dependencies
2016-07-12  github138fix html after last commit
2016-07-12  github138fix some undefined variables
2016-07-12  github138fix PDOExceptions on mysql 5.7 with SQL_MODE contains...
2016-07-08  github138display multilink hint on firstlast view details
2016-07-08  github138add slot display