2013-05-11  github138fix ip allocation for /32 Addresses
2013-04-24  Denis Ovsienkodemo: move dictdump.php to where it belongs
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkofacter: remove stray files
2013-04-19  Daniel Kasenfacter: replay "added optional auto-tagging"
2013-04-19  Daniel Kasenfacter: replay "Added new facter module and associated...
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkofacter: move to a directory of its own
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkomove the figures to a directory of their own
2013-04-17  Denis Ovsienkowattage_consumption: refine some code style
2013-04-17  Mark Wilkinsonwattage_consumption: fix to work with 0.20.4
2013-04-17  Denis Ovsienkowattage_consumption: indent with tabs
2013-04-14  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.4.sql
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkofunction-analysis: fix comment
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: replace white with transparent
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: put code to tab-indented Allman style
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: refine some SQL
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: update the patch file for index.php
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: remove a number of empty lines
2013-04-05  Denis Ovsienkoremove some unused variables
2013-04-05  Denis Ovsienkodelete two scripts that are in upstream
2013-04-05  Vladimir KushnirSmall changes in LiveRIPE
2013-04-05  Denis Ovsienkorename to .php
2013-03-14  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #5 from vkushnir/master
2013-03-13  Vladimir KushnirRemoved some debug code.
2013-03-13  Vladimir KushnirNew plugin Live RIPE
2013-03-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #4 from vkushnir/patch-2
2013-03-11  Vladimir KushnirUpdate README
2013-03-09  Vladimir Kushnirupdate rc_pingreply for 0.20.x
2013-03-09  Denis Ovsienkomove ping.php out of inc/
2013-02-24  wireAdded project rt-server-client: README.md
2013-02-13  Denis Ovsienkomove demo helper files to demo.racktables.org/
2013-01-29  github138update linkmgmt.php for 0.20.x
2013-01-29  github138update snmpgeneric.php for 0.20.x
2013-01-15  Denis Ovsienkofix lettercase
2013-01-03  djtechaadded optional auto-tagging
2012-12-31  BlazejGRemoved old (0.19.x) files
2012-12-31  BlazejGAdjust LiveInterfeaces to RT 0.20.3
2012-12-20  djtechaAdded new facter module and associated manifest file
2012-12-19  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.3.sql
2012-12-19  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.2.sql
2012-10-17  Denis Ovsienkomove Live VLANs code to contribs repository
2012-10-06  Denis Ovsienkoupdate README with git in mind
2012-10-04  Alexey Andriyanov+ init-full-0.20.1.sql
2012-09-15  Denis Ovsienkoadd a 48x48 PNG logo
2012-09-14  Denis Ovsienkoadd Dia source for the current release roadmap
2012-09-12  avarrishAdd Nagios Plugin
2012-09-10  Alexey Andriyanovadded 0.20.x to demoreload.sh
2012-09-10  Alexey Andriyanovadd helper SQL file for 0.20.0
2012-09-02  Denis Ovsienkoadd helper SQL file for 0.19.14
2012-07-21  Aaron Dummeradded console upgrade from #556
2012-07-13  Alexey AndriyanovSVN to GIT conversion script
2012-06-28  Denis Ovsienko0.19.12 is gone
2012-06-28  Denis Ovsienkoadd helper SQL file for 0.19.13
2012-04-27  Curtis Brownadd "wattage consumption" plugin
2012-04-27  Denis Ovsienkoadded a note to editors
2012-04-16  Maik Ehingertwo new contibuted scripts
2012-04-12  Denis Ovsienkoadd helper SQL file for 0.19.12
2012-04-07  Denis Ovsienkoadded a README file
2012-04-07  Denis Ovsienkowarranty_report.php: add some style finish
2012-04-07  Denis Ovsienkowarranty_report.php: indentation
2012-04-07  Denis Ovsienkowarranty_report.php: move SELECT to an own function
2012-04-06  Denis Ovsienkowarranty_report.php: add inline CSS only once
2012-04-06  Denis Ovsienkofix barcode column issue
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4968 add helper SQL file for 0.19.11
2012-03-26  Alexey Andriyanovr4966 added interface statistics and system uptime...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4957 Fixed the plugin in several ways, updated comment.
2012-03-26  Aaron Dummerr4953 applied patch from #523
2012-03-26  Aaron Dummerr4952 added hostForVm (#517)
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4848 added demo helper for the latest release
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4778 add demo helper file for the last release
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4777 add comment on generating the SQL file
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4775 Manon's revision from 2011-08-28
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4772 2011-08-31 modified by Neil Scholten <neil.scholt...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4764 updated revision by Neil Scholten
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4753 save 2 logo images
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4734 Google Maps RackTables plugin (c) Koen Vanherck
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4722 adding a plugin by Manon Goo (revision dated...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4703 a search script by Göran Törnqvist
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4702 add helper file for 0.19.7 demo
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4647 adding a new "cabling plan" extension by Dennis...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4646 another roadmap source file
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4645 add demo helper for release 0.19.6
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4644 fix handling of DODEMO variable
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4627 justify Script table contents
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4626 fix error messages
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4624 rewrite to support 0.19 branch
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4623 0.19.4 demo fixes: replace old-styled auth-only...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4574 import warranty checker extension from users...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4573 rename for clarity
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4572 rename for clarity
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4568 new revision by Loïs
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4558 updated revision by Loïs Taulelle
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4548 add cache reset query
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4527 yaml_import: update to revision 0.2 by Loïs Taulelle
2012-03-26  Aaron Dummerr4516 contrib by Torstein Hansen
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4495 port plugins update by Jorge Sanchez
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4429 Adding a new custom script by Göran Törnqvist...
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4381 an autoupdate script by anonymous contributor
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4250 added source file of the image used in adminguide
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4247 updated comments and commitAddFile() invocation
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4246 add 802.1Q sync diagram source file