2015-05-21  github138add snmplive plugin
2015-03-11  github138add save snmp settings
2015-03-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #19 from dmnmitsupu/patch-1
2015-03-03  twigsadded fingtab plugin to scan networks using overlook... 20/head
2015-02-24  dmnmitsupuCreate livecdp-0.20.10-patch 19/head
2015-02-10  sgnl05RackTables >= 0.20.8 compatability 18/head
2015-01-26  github138fix typo
2015-01-26  github138update copyright
2015-01-26  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.10.sql
2015-01-20  github138add Create as new object
2015-01-13  github138whitespace fixes
2015-01-13  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.9.sql
2015-01-08  github138change info to RT Version >= 0.20.9
2015-01-08  github138fix label und tootips with htmlspecialchars
2014-12-14  Denis Ovsienkolocal_copy_object.php: restore copyright header
2014-12-14  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #15 from madmax2012/merge_branch
2014-09-25  step307Make CSV delimiter definable 17/head
2014-09-21  Denis Ovsienkolinkmgmt: do not require() extra RackTables files
2014-09-21  Denis Ovsienkomove link management plugin to its own directory
2014-09-13  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: don't call deprecated functions
2014-09-13  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: version 0.5
2014-09-13  Philipp Grauadd full_row_view plugin version 0.4
2014-09-12  Sebastian Mogilowskiadd cable ID helper plugin version 0.2
2014-09-12  Denis Ovsienkoupdate README and version information
2014-09-12  Denis Ovsienkorearrange files on filesystem
2014-09-12  Sebastian Mogilowskiadd RackTables extensions ver. 0.3.1
2014-09-09  Marian StetinaCompatibility with RT v.0.20.8 16/head
2014-09-01  github138workaround Enterasys sfp 1000-sx/lx
2014-09-01  github138fix port oif matching
2014-08-30  Denis Ovsienkodemoreload.sh: explicitly require /bin/bash
2014-08-27  github138fix urls for svg graphs
2014-08-20  Denis Ovsienkoimprove demo data permissions
2014-07-31  github138add more graphviz debug output
2014-06-14  Denis Ovsienkoadd init-full-0.20.8.sql
2014-06-11  Denis Ovsienkoadd a script that emails the expirations report
2014-06-07  Denis Ovsienkoupdate linkmgmt.php for RackTables 0.20.8
2014-06-05  madmax2012Merge pull request #1 from historicbruno/merge_branch 15/head
2014-06-05  historicbrunoTrivial change to avoid errors if linkmgmt plugin isn...
2014-06-05  Denis Ovsienkofix table default charset typo in linkmgmt.php
2014-05-29  Robert Vojcikrtapi: fixed minority issues and typos
2014-05-28  madmax2012Update local_copy_object.php
2014-05-28  madmax2012Update for racktables 0.20.7
2014-05-28  github138fix hasbackend() (Thx Max)
2014-05-28  github138Update table collation for RT 0.20.7
2014-05-26  github138add check for correct ipv6 addresses
2014-05-23  Alexey AndriyanovMerge pull request #13 from iar42/patch-1
2014-05-23  Ingimar RobertssonUpdate ok-cablereport-v3.php 13/head
2014-05-23  Ingimar RobertssonUpdate ok-cablereport-v3.php
2014-05-22  Ingimar RobertssonUpdate ok-cablereport-v3.php
2014-05-19  Ingimar RobertssonCreate ok-cablereport-v3.php
2014-05-05  Robert Vojcikadded rtapi, racktables api python module
2014-04-28  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #12 from Amfy/master
2014-04-27  AmfyBugfix nagios.php, missing in function (global) 12/head
2014-04-10  Alexey Andriyanovbugfix: exception when /32 net exists
2014-04-09  Alexey Andriyanovadd plug-in description
2014-04-09  Alexey Andriyanovnew-ip-range: spare IP range search page
2014-04-09  Alexey Andriyanovnetwork-attrs: custom attributes for IP networks
2014-03-08  Michał SochońUpdate nagios.php 11/head
2014-03-03  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.7.sql
2014-02-22  EduardUpdate ripe.php 10/head
2014-02-10  github138linkmgmt_findSparePorts() remove wrong port exclusions
2014-01-30  github138SQL query optimizations
2014-01-30  github138change INSTALL section
2014-01-22  Denis Ovsienkoconfigs: fix MySQL syntax error
2014-01-22  eknowjohnmRT coding guidelines & permissions update
2014-01-21  eknowjohnmAdd configs.php 9/head
2014-01-13  Denis Ovsienkofixup permissions in the demo data files
2013-12-19  Denis Ovsienkothe previous roadmap is expiring, make a new one
2013-11-29  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.6.sql
2013-11-21  Denis OvsienkoLiveVLANs: eliminate dependency on Config table
2013-09-20  biffheroChange ip_bin to ip 8/head
2013-07-25  github138change INSTALL section
2013-07-24  github138optimize All Objects Graph
2013-07-24  github138fix Undefined variable
2013-07-24  github138rearrange code
2013-07-24  github138add lm_Image_GraphViz
2013-07-24  github138fix undef. property $alpha
2013-07-24  github138fix error_reporting in linkmgmt_gvmap
2013-07-24  github138change graph generation change highlight handling
2013-07-24  github138fix backend link display without front link
2013-07-24  github138rename const MULTILINK -> LM_MULTILINK use define(...
2013-07-24  github138don't display backend links without front connection...
2013-07-24  github138don't display objects without ports in gvmap
2013-07-24  github138make dict_key match new Enterasys entries
2013-06-23  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.5.sql
2013-06-08  Aaron Dummeradd the NodePing plugin
2013-05-11  github138fix ip allocation for /32 Addresses
2013-04-24  Denis Ovsienkodemo: move dictdump.php to where it belongs
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkofacter: remove stray files
2013-04-19  Daniel Kasenfacter: replay "added optional auto-tagging"
2013-04-19  Daniel Kasenfacter: replay "Added new facter module and associated...
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkofacter: move to a directory of its own
2013-04-19  Denis Ovsienkomove the figures to a directory of their own
2013-04-17  Denis Ovsienkowattage_consumption: refine some code style
2013-04-17  Mark Wilkinsonwattage_consumption: fix to work with 0.20.4
2013-04-17  Denis Ovsienkowattage_consumption: indent with tabs
2013-04-14  Alexey Andriyanovinit-full-0.20.4.sql
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkofunction-analysis: fix comment
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: replace white with transparent
2013-04-09  Denis Ovsienkocablingplan: put code to tab-indented Allman style