add the roadmap .dia file for 2019Q2
[racktables-contribs] / snmpgeneric.php
2017-08-19  github138Change Mail Address
2017-08-02  Denis Ovsienkoremove some PHP closing tags
2017-05-09  github138fix include path for symlinked installations
2016-04-06  github138add max_imput_vars hint
2016-01-13  github138add ipv6addraddress table
2015-07-24  github138small fix for attrib key
2015-07-24  github138use shortenIfName()
2015-07-24  github138fix fastEther port type
2015-07-24  github138reduce warnings
2015-07-24  github138change port type update default
2015-07-17  github138remove unused function getPortOIOptions()
2015-07-17  github138do not create /0 ip spaces per default
2015-07-17  github138allow label update on ifAlias change
2015-07-17  github138check reserve network/broadcast
2015-07-17  github138hide tab on none IPv4 objects
2015-07-17  github138remove ifDescr from visible label
2015-07-17  github138set more accurate port type defaults
2015-07-17  github138extend SNMPgeneric to mimic php >= 5.4.0 SNMP Class
2015-07-17  github138add port type update
2015-07-17  github138use indexcount instead of ifNumber
2015-03-11  github138add save snmp settings
2015-01-26  github138fix typo
2015-01-26  github138update copyright
2015-01-20  github138add Create as new object
2014-12-14  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #15 from madmax2012/merge_branch
2014-09-01  github138workaround Enterasys sfp 1000-sx/lx
2014-09-01  github138fix port oif matching
2014-05-26  github138add check for correct ipv6 addresses
2013-07-25  github138change INSTALL section
2013-07-24  github138make dict_key match new Enterasys entries
2013-05-11  github138fix ip allocation for /32 Addresses
2013-01-29  github138update snmpgeneric.php for 0.20.x
2012-04-16  Maik Ehingertwo new contibuted scripts