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2017-08-19  github138Change Mail Address
2017-07-04  Denis Ovsienkooptimize LinkManagement a little
2017-05-08  github138linkmgmt needs at least RT 0.20.11
2017-05-08  github138auto scroll after unlinking port
2016-07-15  github138add trigger python-topologies
2016-07-15  github138remove class portlist
2016-07-13  github138remove most portlist class dependencies
2016-07-12  github138fix html after last commit
2016-07-12  github138fix some undefined variables
2016-07-12  github138fix PDOExceptions on mysql 5.7 with SQL_MODE contains...
2016-07-08  github138display multilink hint on firstlast view details
2016-07-08  github138add slot display
2016-07-08  github138change container display
2016-06-16  github138use RT inplace-edit for port reservation comments and...
2016-06-16  github138use foreach in firstlast view avoid loop printing
2016-06-16  github138add linkcount to firstlast view
2016-06-16  Charlie Rootadd details to FirstLast view
2016-06-16  Charlie Rootfix undefined variable
2016-06-16  github138add FirstLast View
2016-03-31  github138change option text length in link lists
2016-03-31  github138remove unused code
2016-03-31  github138change option text length in backend link list
2016-03-31  github138move js and css files into plugins/linkmgmt directory
2016-01-13  github138use linkchain class to get linkchains
2015-07-17  github138fix display of empty clusters
2015-07-16  github138fix multilink permissions
2015-07-16  github138add permissions to backend linking
2015-01-13  github138whitespace fixes
2015-01-08  github138change info to RT Version >= 0.20.9
2015-01-08  github138fix label und tootips with htmlspecialchars
2014-12-14  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #15 from madmax2012/merge_branch
2014-09-21  Denis Ovsienkolinkmgmt: do not require() extra RackTables files
2014-09-21  Denis Ovsienkomove link management plugin to its own directory