Import the IP history plugin from the demo server.
[racktables-contribs] / local_copy_object.php
2015-10-31  Alexey Andriyanovdo not use global removed global var $tagtree
2015-09-01  Denis Ovsienkolocal_copy_object.php: adjust error message text
2014-12-14  Denis Ovsienkolocal_copy_object.php: restore copyright header
2014-12-14  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #15 from madmax2012/merge_branch
2014-06-05  madmax2012Merge pull request #1 from historicbruno/merge_branch 15/head
2014-06-05  historicbrunoTrivial change to avoid errors if linkmgmt plugin isn...
2014-05-28  madmax2012Update local_copy_object.php
2014-05-28  madmax2012Update for racktables 0.20.7
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4775 Manon's revision from 2011-08-28
2012-03-26  Denis Ovsienkor4722 adding a plugin by Manon Goo (revision dated...