r4703 a search script by Göran Törnqvist
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2'Racktables QuickSearch VBScript (Windows only)
3'By goran.tornqvist@cypoint.se
4'License: Freeware - Do what you please with it :)
5'Description: Performs a quick search for an object or a hostname in racktables and displays its ip address.
7'- Download and install MySQL Connector/ODBC: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/
8'- Put the script on your harddrive and rename it from .txt to .vbs
9'- Create a shortcut on your desktop to "wscript.exe c:\path\to\script.vbs"
10'- Right click the shortcut and pin it to the taskbar for a quick way to start the script
11'- Change the strDSN variable below (server/database/user/password).
12' The mysql user should preferably be a read only user and only allow SELECT on specific columns, see strSQL below to tighten permissions.