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2019-06-12  Denis Ovsienkoadd the roadmap .dia file for 2019Q2
2019-03-31  Denis Ovsienkosave patch_cords.dia
2019-03-25  Denis Ovsienkodemo: add init-full-0.21.2.sql
2019-01-07  Denis Ovsienkoadd a 72*27 logo for gitweb
2018-11-28  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update after RackTables commit cc4e11b
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: eliminate an unused parameter
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update for inverseRackUnit() changes
2018-11-20  Denis Ovsienkofull_row_view: update for getObjectClass() changes
2018-11-14  Denis Ovsienkostop using niftyString()
2018-08-23  Michael C Tiernanadd a MySQL schema diagram for RackTables
2018-07-20  Lucas AimarettoUpdate readme
2018-06-28  Denis Ovsienkoremove more PHP closing tags
2018-06-27  phgrauMerge pull request #36 from infrastation/full_row_view
2018-06-26  Mahomed Husseinadd support for tag colours, improve layout 36/head
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