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6 <p>For those willing to give thumbs up or to help spreading the word, there are several ranking systems
7 this project accepts votes/reviews through: <a href="">SourceForge</a>,
8 <a href="">Open Hub</a>
9 and <a href="">LinkedIn</a>. Even a single post
10 in your blog would be just Ok.
12 </p>
14 <p>There is a free (and even advertisement-free, thanks to <a href="">FreeLists</a>)
15 mailing list for RackTables
16 (<tt>racktables-users</tt>). It is currently the best place to share your experience or to ask
17 for an advice. To change your subscription to the list, please use the
18 <a href="">original Freelists form</a>.
19 Public archives of the list are <a href="">available</a> without subscription.
20 </p>
22 <p>If you are sure you found a bug in the software, please use this
23 <a href="">Mantis bug tracking system</a>
24 system we have on SourceForge. Like in many volunteer-driven projects,
25 requests are not dispatched immediately, but most of the major bugs end up
26 fixed eventually. <strong>Please note</strong>, that all reported issues
27 are public by default, but it is possible to protect sensitive information
28 by setting "View Status" of a submitted issue to "private".</p>
30 <p>If for some reason the public list and the bug tracker are not the choice
31 for the matter, there is a closed committers-only list: <img src="img/email2011.png" class="email" width=154 height=15>.</p>
32 </div>
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